I cancelled streaming music services a few weeks ago and haven't missed them. I bought digital copies of a few favourite albums that I didn't own. Now I feel the next step is to buy a dedicated music player again, even if just to fill with all my music and leave on the desk at work. I can live with a few favourites on my phone. There are dozens on Amazon around £20 but are they any good?

Played en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Her_Ma from start to end on Nintendo Switch this evening.

- it's very funny (if you're British)
- the artwork is amazing
- an adventure game you can finish in an evening is very refreshing. I can imagine sitting a friend in front of it and playing it again to the end
- £10 well spent. More please!

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day 7 had me really scratching my head for a while (it was Friday evening and I had a glass of wine so it wasn't all bad) until I googled and found Kahn's algorithm. Need to re-read my Knuth I think.

Day 8 was a breeze by comparison, and took me just over half an hour. I might come back and redo it later to really show off the power of parser combinators.

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I've been helping my friend who is a senior citizen with her computer and she keeps frustratedly being like "Wait, how did you know that?!" and I keep saying "I don't know shit. I kept clicking til something changed." I don't want to "teach her computer". I want to teach her that the computer people don't know shit other. Just keep clicking stuff until you get the desired response...just avoid the buttons that say "erase" or "delete".

I'm really enjoying again but as I'm in the UTC timezone they come out at 5am each day. I get up slightly early, squeeze in maybe an hour before work then have to think about it all day. Tomorrow I think I'll try really hard to ignore it until after work. It'll be Friday and the perfect companion to a glass of wine.

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My husband just sent me a text that just said "Wife!!!!!!!" and when I replied, after a minute, "yes, that's me, what," he responded, "it's happening!!!!!!!"

because: one of our chickens LAID AN EGG, A CHICKEN LAID AN EGG, WE DID IT

I had a friend at university who, when you were away from your computer, would scroll up a page and insert the word 'baboon' into whatever you were writing. Later hilarity ensued on proofreading/compiling/submitting the work.

In homage to him my tests which verify that digests and signature checks work invariably insert the word 'baboon'. Sometimes I use 'orangutan' for variety.

I hated day 5! Even more so when I finally got something that worked but was crappy code and a bit slow, then went online to see what other people had done and there is at least one beautiful, elegant and high performance solution!

Oh no, only lasted to 3pm on my first day using the new standing desks in our office. I used to do all day 5 days a week in my previous job. Will have to build up some stamina.

(I did go for a run too, that's my excuse!)

My wife is watching cheesy made-for-tv Christmas films and I am waiting for tomorrow's and wondering how we ever got married.

Here's a mystery we'd never have solved if we hadn't seen it. We watched a squirrel climbing the fence in the garden thinking oh how cute, then he nicked one of the solar lights and ran off with it! Turns out he's been nibbling the wires all over the place.

Eagerly awaiting adventofcode.com to start. Not sure which language to use this year though. Rust or Clojure?

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Imagine if modifying a file required a &mut reference on it, and to get that you'd have to start from a &mut reference on the mount, which you can only get if it's mounted rw. Mounting overlayfs would take a mutable borrow of the upper fs and a shared borrow of the lower, so you can't modify either while overlayfs is mounted.

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A possible slogan for the OOP wars:

"Data reuse is more important than code reuse"

ie a big problem with OOP is that once data is packaged together with behaviour into a class, it's very hard to reuse that data in ways unexpected by the original class developer

worse, "not being able to get the actual data" (encapsulation) is a deliberate OOP design goal, so it is unlikely that you will be able to get your data out of an OOP system intact. Unless you store it in parallel in a non-OOP system.

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