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samsung wearable 

i had to prevent Galaxy Wearable app / Galaxy Wear Plugin, for a Galaxy Watch 46mm SM-R800, from accessing the internet on my phone, and wipe not only its cache but its data, because it would say it requires a 75MB update (or you can leave the app) but would open Google Play Store where there would be no update and there were thousands of 1-star reviews saying the watch is rendered unusable now and that the Samsung phones got the update on Samsung Galaxy Store and also allegedly just Poland is being screwed over

it's been a few days that addressed have been reaching me on (and none on the old host since Sunday) but it still keeps telling me i have yet to add the records. Do only some resolve it right and not them yet? Or is it because I have more MXes added further? At first I added them at a bit greater numbers for less priority (but still first) but then thought maybe they check for the 10 and 20, and also i still have the 28 & 30 records for them (duplicate) and 44 & 45 MX records for my old mail hosting

some say to just get AC or commute/relocate to office, but really my remote job should just have a siesta when needed.

(like, work hours 8-13(1pm)=5h and then 15-18(3-6pm)=3h maybe)

i did that. i bought and brought home a Samsung MAX-440 that i am now signed up for figuring out how to obtain and replace the belts in both its double tape deck and its CD drive

sometimes you just think two people are alts

🇵🇱 urząd skarbowy xd 

urząd skarbowy właśnie do mnie wysłał dwa razy w odstępie kwadransa pisma o przekazaniu zgodnie z właściwością miejscową wniosku o wydanie zaświadczenia o dochodach podatnika, za pierwszym razem podając w treści imię nazwisko i pełen nr PESEL randomowej osoby p. Moniki Walaszczyk urodzonej 24 listopada 1982. Obydwa pisma zwieńczone są na końcu "Korespondencję otrzymują:
1. Adresat
3. aa"

public transport used to be incomparable to taxis in pricing

ig at least maybe its still good to car ownership unnecessity that taxis gotten cheaper too

what pride flag is this bag? (red pink white yellow green blue violet) can it be sun-weathered original pride flag?

Impatient Trans Women Ever Encouraging Queued Cis Women to Gender Neutralize the Men's Toilet

how can hotels be the primary customers of all kinds of appliances like phones, coffee machines, that all have a non-persistent clock to show 12am each

lanky girl with a Galaxy Watch 46mm?

sleep tracking… if it's even there, it'll be suffering

tfw okazało się że w credit agricole miałam strasznie małe limity z dawnych czasów, których nie mogłam zmienić bez znalezienia umowy lub wizyty w oddziale, ale limit dzienny można ominąć datując przelewy zwykłe na kolejne dni (na każdy dzień limit), przynajmniej z ap-cji mobilnej

in an alternate timeline there could be a trend of music releases made on BluRay in a way such that 70 minutes takes full disk capacity and pirating usually means recoding with some loss, that people'd keep arguing about.

And video discs going for hundreds of GBs for same reason

i love having this ssd that makes noises. being an ssd. people telling me it shouldn't. resize2fs sounds very distinctive!

this USB DAC i have keeps having oft hiccups on my OpenBSD ThinkPad X220. Sucks listening to music. Same does Bandcamp in Firefox, same does CDIO CDPLAY, same does AUCAT from a WAV even with cdrom unplugged.

A foreigner asked us in a supermarket where could he find sugar. I had to explain it to him, showing him where it normally was.

lewd adj OH 

OH: i wanna like do stuff and get out ... i wanna do more than just girls

w czwartek jadę na woodstock, do rodziców nie byłam w stanie pojechać na czas, a w sklepach nie ma śpiworów, w dodatku Poznański Szybki Tramwaj z Piątkowa się właśnie unieczynnił

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