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This absolutely fascinating. A "lost" and possibly accidental method of making a solar panel 40 years earlier than previously believed and significantly more sustainable to build as well as totally recyclable.

lol apparently following the example of roblox and minecraft they added inappropriate word censoring to endgame chat in dead by daylight

the game has a 18+ rating

the word "killer" is censored
in a game about killing. where half of the gameplay revolves around playing as a killer

"rancor" and "vigil", the names of 2 perks in the game are also censored

how is it so comically bad every single time this feature is implemented. you'd think the marketing people would eventually learn

flashbacks to when "verbatim" was not a real word to me but a brand name of floppies and CD-R/W

im mass fixing my dirt-affected canal in-ear earphones by pulling out the metal mesh filter with my new sharp pliers in the ever-right non-working 'phone, along with the dirt behind it. will see how long will they do without

why are CD, as well as cassette, deck players so expensive when i don't want to pick a no-name brand that i may expect a really shitty DAC from.

i want to something to quickly listen to a CD before ripping it Accurately™, and something to rip and listen to cassette tapes with

Wikipedia, Stanisław Lem: "[…] dodatkowo cierpiał na depresję spowodowaną sytuacją w Polsce[166]."

kusi czasem że można kupić kasety po 12zł. ale jak myślę o tym że musiałabym pewnie robić maintenance magnetofonu

If you bear the burden of knowledge, please let me know which OpenBSD package creates an (empty) /.cache directory.
It drives me nuts and I have no idea how to figure out who is doing it.
It only happens on my laptop, so in theory that would narrow it down. :flan_think:

intersex, Greece, + 

"As of today, July 19th, 2022, surgical and other medical interventions, which until now have been carried out on intersex infants and children, secretly and without consent, to “conform” their sex characteristics with the “typical” male or female anatomy have been legally banned in Greece. Today is, therefore, historic for the protection and recognition of the human rights of intersex people, in Greece, in Europe and in the world."

A friend came just up with the term "version controln't" ... 😆

Damn it, I have to remember this one!

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"Hey, lets outcomment these few lines, because we might want to keep them for remembering how these things are done"

... nope! Just remove them for gits' sake!

How noble the law, in its majestic equality, that both the rich and poor are equally prohibited from peeing in the streets, sleeping under bridges, and stealing bread!

—Anatole France, 1894

my only-left-works-so-i-set-device-to-mono-and-forget Sony SRS-GU10iP not having a way to disable BASS BOOST without a remote that i never had is torture sometimes

how do i focus terminal (st) window upon launch in fvwm?

+ I Exec exec "mkfifo /tmp/tcshwindowid"
+ I Exec exec st
+ I PipeRead `sh -c "echo WindowId $(head -1 /tmp/tcshwindowid) Focus"`

if (-p /tmp/tcshwindowid) then
echo "$WINDOWID" > /tmp/t…id
rm /tmp/t…id

i used to try various other ways, especially I at first tried to rely on Wait function

also I wish i could just Style GrabFocus but that seems to no longer exist (?)

apmd: failed to exec /etc/apm/resume: Exec format error
apmd: failed to exec /etc/apm/suspend: Exec format error

unsollicited weight loss email 

Dealing with it like this makes me feel empowered.

natalie's new birth certificate just arrived and i noticed, both her parents' occupations are listed on it?? why???

has anyone gotten their birth certificate updated to show their own occupation

Imagine you ran a company where the vast majority of the work was done for free, and also you had a captive audience for thr product where you could charge pretty much for it. Also, because its a captive audience, you can cut corners on the small amount of actual work your company does. Pretty sweet deal huh? Well, that's academic publishing. Also the captive audience are the ones doing the work for free.

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