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So let me get this straight:

Github scanned a bunch of open source projects.

They trained an AI with it.

They basically ignored the licenses and tried to shove a "because we are basically copying GPL code, it doesn't mean the result is GPL".

And now they are charging for it?

if you post a post after posting a post, that's a post post posting post posting

House move with a cat on a 5hr journey - specific advice required (Gabapentin) 

We will be moving in July and it's going to be a c. 5 hour journey.

Our cat gets incredibly distressed just going to the vets. We did a test run for a hour recently and it went very badly. It was massively stressful for her, and for us.

We've now got lots of very helpful advice from the vet, which we will try (including using Feliway).

One extra thing they suggested was giving her Gabapentin the night before and morning of the move, to help keep her calm. I just wondered if anyone else has ever used Gabapentin for a cat in this way, and if so, how did it go?

We don't need other advice, just if anyone has any experience of using Gabapentin when taking a cat on a long journey.

Boosts appreciated.

#Cats #MovingCats

Czy biblijne kazirodztwo córek Lota było gwałtem w myśl prawa polskiego?
Zalicza się jako podstęp, tak bez wątpliwości z solidnym jednoznacznym orzecznictwem na poparcie tego?

Czy też prawo polskie nie chroniłoby nawet biblijnego Lota pod tym względem?

I czy czynnikiem decydującym jest tu to że same go "upiły" i to w tym celu, a nie upił się sam

my closest ones are experiencing uwuphobia from others 😔

I like how the box of table salt has a recipe on the side. Like someone is sitting around wondering what they could cook to use up some salt

#MastoAdmin I need help, I'm having a really weird bug with

A few days ago I missclicked on a report and accidentally suspended my boyfriend @stereoscopic. I immediately unsuspended him, but then he gets suspended again automatically after a while, and that happens every time I unsuspend him again.

There's only the initial suspension that shows up in the strike log in the user's page. What can be causing this? I'm using glitch-soc

why anarchists hate so many men? 

because so many men have a prostate

June 12th is Trans Day of Omigoshomigoshhomigoshomigosh

>single family home zoning is a regulation where in many places in america you can only build single-family homes, no duplexes or appts or stuff like that

waking up after taking hydroxyzine, i may be a bit groggy when i get up but turns there's less impact on me from the chills when cold gets to me during showering so i don't have to spend time heating up myself and the bath room with hot shower

Made dandelion tea for the first time tonight. Super warm and cozy that had a caramel taste.

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