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i hate being not hungry because my parents get super angry when i tell them i'm not hungry

I, uh, ruined some art.
I mean, uh, made it better.

Edwin Landseer's Low Life, and Da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine.

garden gnome implies the existence of garden kde

So, Mastodon has decided to rename DMs, is seemingly renaming 'toots' (not a huge surprise, website boy consistently doesn't say "toot" or "boost"), has decided to edit the reporting feature to include an option that doesn't send a report, intentionally omitted the local and federated timelines from the official apps, what else, what next

^ did I? I didn't. Wish me luck and determination not to procrastinate till afternoon when today's morning comes.

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Introduction + selfies 

_ Call trans opt: received. #intro #introduction #neuhier>

Gude & Namaste, I am Milan / मिलन.
27, German/Nepali, wearer of spectacles, and trans*. You may call me Mi or Mimi.

I’m a web & graphic designer and frontend-dev – literally cancelled by capitalism and patriarchy in 2021. Still recovering.

Basically, I’m just kind of a nerd. Most of the time to be found in front of a screen. When I’m not, then maybe I haven’t forgotten to practice #violin, or I’m lying in bed. Or travelling in the TARDIS.

I love #design & #typography, computer #games, #music and #space! SPAAAAAACE!

just had best sexting ever with my partner

roommate but love… roomlove

that sounds almost like "roomba"

boosts encouraged:

might be out of work, pending a potential union/hr/legal battle (sexually harassed on the job, struggling now because of it, no one cares). living in minnesota and looking for any financial or legal resources available. im disabled and have a host of health issues that is going to make finding another job difficult; and i make most of my polycule's income. i have eleven years of IT experience at the same organization, if anybody has anything job-wise on their radar

thank you

blahaj snuggles, selfie ec (boost/fav/reply OK!) 

*thinking about a loved one... smiling big :blobcatlove:

I'm on my third day of this account now soooo guess it's time for a proper #introduction post (feels kinda embarrassing lmao)

So uhhh hi! My name's Charlotte, I'm a gay af non-binary transfem from the UK who's interested in #Linux, #LinuxGaming & gaming in general!
Would love to talk to and get to know other trans people who share similar interests!
I'm also a little obsessed with Naruto since it's basically a comfort series for me so expect some of that 😅​

I post a lot of my dumb thoughts on these topics and will probably end up posting about whatever else my brain decides to fixate on at the time.

If we end up following each other then feel free to get in touch if you'd like to know more! 💞

selfie, ec (boost, reply, fav OK!) 

i dont have a lot of great places to take full body shots lol so hooray... but anyway yeah, i liked how i looked! today is day 1,205 on HRT, im so glad i hecking did this...



mmmmmmm i love the sweet scent of waitlists and all but one of the classes i want being on them


"do a niche major" they said, "it will be fine" they said

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@mrbill0 Aah from the magic era of the mid-90s when laptop manufacturers were like "Yes! We can finally put power supplies inside our products!" but before the reality that there's still not a ton of room for heat dissipation or a battery sunk in.

Found a cool Toshiba laptop in the scrap pile, the main ac cord plugs right into the laptop. odd. 800 mb hard drive, it still boots to the original windows 95 install!

^ did I? I didn't. Wish me luck and determination not to procrastinate till afternoon when today's morning comes.

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