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the thing is you can’t take theologically daring or risque lyrics seriously when they come from a christian artist. they know what people think of them. they’re self aware. they know they won’t be taken seriously unless they try to be edgy, and they know that their market is entirely based in two forms of inching up to the line: their christian teen listeners pushing the line of what’s acceptable for their parents to let them listen to (their parents listen to the christian bands that pushed the line in their day), and the band itself pushing the line of becoming a real band and not making fucking christian music anymore

My best guess is it monitors the letsencrypt transparency logs for new certificate registrations.

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as a senior in high school I took first semester Spanish and the teacher asked me if I'd be willing to do the intermediate Spanish spelling bee at the languages competition at the college in town. obviously I said yes, because I was going to be there anyway and spelling Spanish barely even requires you to know any Spanish. the word reader was a Spaniard so we even got our ceceos and seseos handed to us on a platter. I tied with some dude and we tied the tiebreaker, because of course we did. what were we gonna do, spell a word wrong? it's Spanish

That cursed websites UX when it never expect you have an account.

Microsoft GitHub for example.

Sign off and just walk around, try to reply on discussion, fork repo, etc. It never asks you to sign in, it always wants you to make a new account.

Also did I ever share the time Teanglann kinda did a carcinisation bit on me with the apparently pluripotent word "clab"?


I made this when I thought I had COVID - turns out I don’t 🙌


the best banks are those with all three outcoming elixir sessions being in early morning hours

**Ikea cuts sick pay for unvaccinated staff forced to self-isolate**

"The retail giant joins a growing list of firms changing their rules as staff absences and costs begin to bite."

#news #bot

What's your gender




:steam: : check out these horny games you should buy

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Reminder the US military still refuses to deal with jet fuel in our Hawaiian aquifer, still poisoning my family, and its own troops are still threatened. 3 wells may never open again.

znaleźć jakiegoś clienta żeby na desktopie móc siedzieć jednoczesnie na twitterze i fedi i jest cudnie

with my carry-around laptop having been (proudly) made to look like this, and my electronic Optima SP 20 typewriter being qwertz too, im now going to be switching to qwerty?!

oh also the new main💻 has a flat wide Return key so i send the partial messages instead of typing ó/ź

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i gotta write myself a windows logon ( / return after a user switch) script that would switch my screen resolution

so polish "214"/"typistwoman's" qwertz keyboard layout on windows lacks square brackets ("[]") under AltGr+F/G. a known bug! so i tried MS Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4. but when i install the created layouts, they show up as "Unavailable input method" and cant be used. imma qwerty?

ok so i cant find any windows client that would allow to post same thing to both tt and fedi. i tried, from chocolatey, sengi thedesk and whalebird, didnt try hyperspace. none of the three support birdsite.

If you haven't read this article please do. I couldn't help but admit to myself that choosing open platforms / specs like #email and #DeltaChat was the best decision ever 📧

Keeping platforms open przez @wallabagapp

@schappi holey crab

Read argues that, at the time of the expression's first appearance in print, a broader fad existed in the United States of "comical misspellings" and of forming and employing acronyms, themselves based on colloquial speech patterns:

The abbreviation fad began in Boston in the summer of 1838 ... and used expressions like OFM, "our first men," NG, "no go," GT, "gone to Texas," and SP, "small potatoes." Many of the abbreviated expressions were exaggerated misspellings, a stock in trade of the humorists of the day. One predecessor of OK was OW, "oll wright."[15]

The general fad is speculated to have existed in spoken or informal written U.S. English for a decade or more before its appearance in newspapers. OK's original presentation as "all correct" was later varied with spellings such as "Oll Korrect" or even "Ole Kurreck".

@linuxtavern @DeveloperMemes oof - this is a bit stale now. Microsoft had a good response explaining why this happened and apologized.

As much as I'm ready to sharpen my pitchfork for Microsoft, this wasn't this opportunity. ;-)

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