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updating to v15.1 "This release fixes a crash when captioning images." after it kept crashing on me when captioning images

w tym roku liczba miejsc na informatykę dzienną na UAM to 100, moje 56.8 pkt rekr. z matur pewnie już nie wystarczy

would be nice to have playlists of tracks where title is title and uploader is artist (firstly: not pirate uploads).. so that they scrobble correctly to

I probably need to give up and use just this account almost exclusively, maybe. the other was the one on queer dot party instance. also i considered making another new Polish-language account but that's even more nah now that I think of it

Meanwhile, burned-out me, switched to bash 4.4 now temporarily for a month or more already because bash5_interactive didn't want to build anymore, probably because someone didn't do something for my 19.03 (iirc) stateVersion

But ... still awesome

Not enough disk space to make an upgrade rebuild?

nix-collect-garbage -d (or --delete-older-than 3d)

nix-store --optimize (or --optimise, but only one is documented)


A planaterium is like a planetarium but for flat-earthers


[description: it’s a sign that says “CHRISTMAS BAZAAR & CRAFT SHOW

Fight Children with Diabetes Fundraiser

Sunday December 1st 10am - 4pm at Royal Canada Legion

3850 Lakeshore Blvd. West Visit Santa Claus From 12pm - 1:30pm”]


i am looking for woven-fabric (or even carbon, any really) ribbons with compatibility as below:

OptimaSP20/24/28 / Robotron/Erika 30[0/04/05/06/15/16] / Olivetti DaisyCard/ET50/Praxis20[00]/DLX / 176 C / PK168

I just asked on Unix&Linux StackExchange: What may be causing some Qt/KDE thing to capture Mod4+e (effecting Dolphin) and Mod4+d (effecting nothing)?

in , in an array, having a predicate f over its elements, how do i get, foreach elem that satisfies f, a pair (object) of that elem and the last preceding elem that didnt satisfy f? this is a jq HW task, refined by me. original unrefined task advised to use function & variable

i would love to see an article that would highlight to me what vulnerabilities are really problematic in older versions of Android, iOS, and PowerPC Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.4.

I write a BASIC PROGRAM in crystal and i discover a codegen bug

and birdsite, too. i hate how i let myself continue to repost certain persons' stuff there even after learning that they are not very good people.

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i think i have to limit my social activity on fedi. im keep being harmful by boosting edgy personas. im too forgiving ig. i just know that people who are harmful are still nice sometimes, but i end up boosting their harmfulness as part of publicly interacting with them. i gotta move into talking to people privately, because my boosting content without thorough investigations ends up being harmful.

I was gonna tell you a joke about UDP…

…but you might not get it.

Why do developers make stupid database queries

It (always) bears repeating that the phrase "open source" is defined by the open source definition:

The OSI invented the term "open source" and it has always been defined by the OSD. There are systemmic gaslighting campaigns ongoing to convince you otherwise. Remember: the only people who are trying to convince you that the OSD does not define open source have ulterior motives, namely convincing you that their propreitary software is open.

I was thinking about chat protocols.

Had a federated design in mind, where each channel had its authoritative server for metadata, and then mirror servers for redundancy and scaling out, with rules for complex netsplit/netjoin situations, etc., and then users had their homeservers.

But then I thought:
Why not have the authoritative server only host the list of members, and version it, and then have all the clients put a reference to specific immutable version of channel's member list as destination of the messages they send.

And then all the messages would bypass the authoritative severs, going directly between users' homeservers. And history replay would be much simpler because you wouldn't have to go back and recalculate past membership lists based on past joins/parts.

It seemed like such an elegant solution, making everything way simpler and more scalable at the same time. I didn't like it, but rationally it seemed like a superior solution...

And then it occured to me - either this is what Matrix did, or it has the same problem:

Just joining a room makes your homeserver receive new connections from every other homeserver in the room.

Join the biggest room, change your DNS to point to your enemy, and bam, that person gets DDoSed by all the other homeservers.

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