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i just remember i did some Clojure back in the days. do i hate Clojure? should i try some again? surely i don't feel like touching ClojureScript, ew. what can i do with Clojure... surely not a commandline utility...

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@mkf @phoe Only update the channel if you have at least ½ of the diskspace free, because the very first package you'll install or upgrade from there will bring with it a new version of all the packages you already have installed.

I used to have the incoherent installation a lot, and it drove me crazy how much space it takes.

Remove packages, update, upgrade, delete old generations, install packages — in that order, no steps skipped except maybe the installation and removal.

maybe i should leave the `unstable` channel of , or at least learn installing things from the stabler channels

installing something big with `nix-env -iA nixos.something`? not a problem, you can install another thing the same way regardless at the same time

also i don't want to relax, i want to do something. only idea that somewhat worked was installing TORCS racing simulator but the moment i have too much speed for a turn or make a tiny error i am losing entire race... and this, single turn where missing track means penalty

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what should i do if feeling burnt out about getting back into software development? what should i play for free without speakers or earphones and on touchpad, on NixOS Linux? having about 10GB disk space available for use.

okay now my filters just straight up aren't working. deleting Tusky too. see y'all

How to move in the CLI / readline shortcuts. Perfect flashcard format, courtesy of Clément Chastagnol at

It's near impossible to play a single CS:GO match without a cheater in the match. It's sad. And it's even impossible to kick cheaters, because Valve thinks it's better to leave that to their auto-ban mechanism, which in reality is really bad. Today I visited profile of one of the obvious wallhackers, he was following enemy's body through multiple walls. He got some kind of award for his game in 2016. Seriously, there is a cheater playing this game for 4 years and he didn't get banned by…

Dix jours environ après le #Confinementtotal (presque) pour #SARSCOV2/#COVID19 en #Pologne, les premiers signes de ralentissement dans l'est de l'Europe apparaissent. La DE est toujours à 1.3^j (+30% par jour), mais la PL, la CZ et la SK semblent ralentir un peu. La LT et l'UA se rattrapent en croissance comme en DE. PL en rouge ; autre UE en vert ; bleu/violet non-UE.

La DE sera vers 100.000 vers le 28-29 mars ; la PL, CZ, SK pourraient longtemps rester bien au-dessous de 10.000.

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still need another browser for netflix stuff since it does not have widevine

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trying this new browser "eolie". liking it so far, really simple and minimal (the way I like things)

i need some guides on software dev tools that i would hate less, guides that would guide me in a way that wouldnt let my disdain stop me. i must admit that i feel like makes my disdain for tools much heavier, and nixos-friendly guides would have a very large advantage

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the year is 2050. GTK is still preparing the move to version 4, and has collaborated with the FBI to assassinate anyone who mentions the filepicker thumbnail bug. qt stil has an open source version, but it requires you to have create an account with a valid email address and physical address, and limits applications to only containing one window.

microsoft is still "transitioning away from winforms" to the Multiversal Windows Platform, For Real You Guys, We're Doing It Platform. iOS desktop (formerly macOS) has deprecated all system widgets in favour of the cloud. google has created an artificial intelligence to randomly create and deprecate new GUI frameworks, rendering it essentially impossible for anybody but them to create android apps with "native GUIs".

the only usable framework is electron, but everybody hates it because bloat.

as people struggle to find a desktop ui framework that hasn't been bogged down into uselessness by licensing issues or lack of features, a saviour emerges from the heavens: java swing

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