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#CloudFlare is now hitting the wayback machine with the same #CAPTCHA as #Tor users, thus censoring history too.

Reddit energy is "censoring" people's names in screenshots with a smear of black at 50% opacity

TIL there exists an "iPad Pro" with up to a terabyte of storage. Apparently Apple doesn't want people to have any reason to have a laptop unless they're a developer, thus completing their segregation the computing population into "users", whose entire computing experience is controlled by one company, and "developers" who are enslaved to that company, at least if they want to reach those users.

No thanks.

I'm going to make an onlyfans account, here's an exclusive preview of some of the material

>get nothing done for 10 hours
>suddenly, when close to exhaustion, become really productive, and in an hour do more than the rest of the time combined

it keeps happening

Tomorrow’s date will be written as an eight-digit palindrome around the world, the first time this has happened in 900 years.

The coincidence is rare because countries use differing conventions. February 2, 2020, is a palindrome whether expressed as day/month/year (02/02/2020), month/day/year (02/02/2020), or year/month/day (2020/02/02).

This happened last on November 11, 1111, and it won’t happen again until March 3, 3030.


<< Reminds me of an old joke from one of my CS professors:

“UNIX is structured like an onion. If you look closely at its insides, you will cry”>>

the older i get, the less consonants i pronounce

@mkf @steph
drawing tablets are evil.
You're nearing the edge so you want to lift the pen and go back to the other edge and continue the line from there, but it doesn't continue, instead it just goes back on the screen as well.

@srinicame I had the exact same journey. xterm rules.

Returned back to #xterm. Have gone on a journey when it comes to terminal emulators. Stayed wit urxvt for a certain amount of time, but now all my machines run good old xterm

Idea: A website that answers the question “What versions of Python should my PyPI package support?”.

It would track:
* EOL date of each Python release
* Major Linux distros that include each release
* EOL dates of those distros.
* A short list of “what you gain” features.

i hurt my back cause i was cuddling someone in a weird position, which has gotta be the gayest way to injure yourself possible

I actually very much second his idea for a proper e-ink monitor display

Even if it's not really super fast or monochrome, you could totally use it for writing code / running a Linux console

That'd honestly be dope

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@moonbolt it was made in 2011, back when flash was still pretty popular

and it's an exe because double clicking an exe is easier than installing the desktop flash player and running it

@lynnesbian why is this an executable?? wtf

why isn't it just, like, a webpage. with a very small amount of js, and you ignore the js and inspect element to change the text because fuck js.

but, no, it's a swf?? that got hidden inside an exe??? what the actual fuck

anyway if you wanna fuck around with this thing yourself

here's the exe:
and here's the SWF file dumped from the exe so you can run it on other operating systems if you have flash installed:

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