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@Elizafox birthdays were invented by big time to sell more years anyway

I had a discussion with @stsp at #36c3 about using got for #HamBSD development. Instead of manually maintaining a patch set alongside the src.git fork, the plan will now be to archive the old HEAD of branches in refs/archives/master/YYYYMMddThhmmss just before finishing a rebase.

This means that the objects will stick around and not get garbage collected. You wouldn’t pull these by default, but you could if you wanted to. You can also diff objects with previous versions of objects across rebases.

I just spent a couple of hours hacking on this, but so far all I have working is making sure that the arrangement of options for got rebase is sound. I need to work out which of the many references is the one I want to archive, and work out how to find that even when continuing a rebase after fixing conflicts.


Tesco chalk (both white and coloured) is pretty shit

Hey Tusky devs, Tusky shows me some absurd "2020" where the year from the date of my toots made today would usually be, please fix

« In Polish there occurs: affirmation, negation, double negation as affirmation and double negation as negation. And double affirmation as affirmation. But there doesn't occur double affirmation as negation.»

To that one of the students:
— Dobra, dobra… (lit. 'dobra'=`well`)

P.S. alt-text: Telegram app header with a Santa cap over the T letter, width-matching and with no colors, just like some Unicode modifier

PulseAudio fucked itself up so I nuked it from orbit and now I use pure ALSA

Wow. Just closed a popup only to see another one behind the first.

News sites couldn't fall any lower, so they had to dig.

Roleplay meta 

femininity and masculinity are individually perceived concepts. We may be told by others what they think it means, but that doesn't mean we have to agree with them, or that it's the one truth.

It's simply a vague set of ways you show yourself to others.

they are not intrinsic to anything, certainly not some fixed set of body types or behaviors.

Therefore terms like "lesbian" don't really mean anything at all.

So we can either get rid of them, and make new ones, or, shut the fuck up about them.

Because just because you don't perceive someone to match your idea of what lesbian means, doesn't mean they don't.

Because someone asked:

Yes, matter of fact I do want to completely abolish gender as a concept, and get rid of terms of gendered attraction

Because they are entirely obsoleted artifacts from a time when we considered gender to be much more strictly binary, and these terms made sense. They no longer do.

So, I would much prefer we create new frameworks and terms to describe personal expression, and sexual and/or romantic attractions.

The entire concept of "masculine" and "feminine" gets tossed out, and instead we should focus on attributes that are entirely independent of one's physiological build, which is essentially what we're already doing by adding all these new "edge cases" to our legacy model.

I wish nobody were using WPA/WPA2 Personal (and neither WEP or unsecured)

what is it called when there is someone's essay or an interview published in a newspaper and there are highlights copied and inserted redundantly in big bold with text floating around as if they were figures

Ncurses is garbage, rant 

re: Ncurses is garbage, rant 

the compiler terminfo format can distuinguish between an undefined capability and a suppressed one, which is required for incrementally merging entries

but only for numbers and strings, using -2 instead of -1

even though man 5 term says only -1 is a valid negative value

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