@tsdh I think k9 works well enough with outlook/o365, so ig some UA spoofing could help maybe

What if our response to "computers are getting faster" was "wow, our programs can run faster" instead of "wow, our programs can get more bloated and still run at the same speed"?

@lord sway has some touch stuff and may grow more. A little bit of custom waybar config goes a long way, though

@raspberry_boy i prefer to carry a display along and not have the battery PSU to take more space because of being separate. And cases, for even x86 SoCs, with keyboards, are easy and exist.

@raspberry_boy It would be so great if we could have modular laptops with detachable displays of various sizes, changing the size of the device for transport accordingly. I could stand a good small keyboard and lack of touchpad. And the side extensions would be just good stereo speakers or something… maybe with additional keys or just additional keys alone.

I'm listening to my husband's Russian Duolingo lessons and it seems like, if the point of the Italian course is to send you to Italy so you can visit palazzi and eat formaggio, the point of the Russian one is to pull off a successful kidnapping

Can I just disable the browser's JavaScript scroll fuckery APIs? In fact I would like a fine-grained toggle for all web standards supported by my browser.

Welp, keeps getting connection closed after a few actions with IMAP of Outlook.com/Outlook.Office365

I eventually noticed that my media server hadn't complained about needing a kernel update in a suspiciously long time.

So I took a look & was unsurprised to find that Ubuntu had basically EOL'd that kernel series. I downgraded to 4.4. While it may be older, it's kept current, and that's more important.

@aardrian thanks! Without captions I would never bother to see it, unless maybe some attempt with YouTube auto-generated if someone would link me it. Not deaf but anxious of having sound on.

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

"Okay let's disassemble this function"



set disassembly-flavor intel

echo "set disassembly-flavor intel" > ~/.gdbinit

you're welcome

gdb debugging tip 

pretty fucked up Starbucks is plastering "Merry Coffee" all over their cups. Don't they know you're supposed to say "Happy Hot Drink" now?

I am very happy that gothub.org belongs to the correct folks.

And sad that gothub.com is directed at a mailing list signup page.

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