Regexp vs regex feels like it should be a shibboleth but I don't know what for.

Having to survive amongst petrol burning metal cages carelessly hurtling around in high speeds that took over liveable environments turned me into an anti-car activist. Each time I ride a bike in the city, my hatred of cars burns ever brighter.

One of the best decisions I made was enabling the magnifier accessibility feature on my phone. I pull it out whenever I struggle to see/read small things on interfaces that don't let me zoom in and it's a lifesaver. I don't know why it never occurred me to enable it sooner.

> since a few days there have been denial-of-service attacks against email
providers worldwide

2021 just keeps getting better

Google security alert!
"Some of your saved passwords have been compromised"

[oh gosh I stored passwords with my google account oO]

affected sites:

username: admin
password: admin


i try not to consume too much media with a strong voice because it tends to hijack my internal monologue

Tomorrow's my birthday and I got sick with covid.

This was going to be my first time in life to have birthday party unlike the last (one before i made sure no one rembered about my birthday) when i couldn't provide safe space; from far away my boyfriend and friends wouldve came.

@jpmens When I worked in The Hague in the early 80s I shared an office with a Dutch chap. His father (like many) had his bicycle confiscated in this way. Since the war, whenever he met a German he demanded his bicycle back, giving them a long speech on how good a bicycle it was. Once he'd got past that he was perfectly polite and friendly.

So I was reading a discussion somewhere (perhaps here) where someone was explaining that "web 2.0" was the "social web". Then it struck me that a lot of people don't even remember when this term was introduced, so to them this sounds like a very likely explanation.

The Web 2.0 term was introduced to differentiate the old page based browsing where everything was links and form submissions, to the dynamic web pages based on XMLHTTPRequest, allowing developers to write actual applications on the web. This is referred to as SPA (single page application) these days.

Social media didn't have anything to do with it, and it existed before the introduction of web 2.0. Of course after SPA's became a thing, social media sites started doing it as well, but it wasn't dependent on it. Early social media sites definitely didn't have any SPA functionality.

every day i wake up and have to come to terms with the fact that my friends are hot

"SCOOP - And a wild one…

Fraudsters used “deep voice” tech - as in deep fake for speech - to clone a company director’s voice.

They then convinced a bank manager to send $35 million to various accounts across the world.

AI-powered cybercrime is big. "


Post-apocalyptic scenario where people mostly work in manual labour (e.g. smiths, millers) but use today's work titles as names. No more John Smiths working as customer relations managers, it's John Customer Relations Managers working as smiths

looks like twitch has been busy deleting stuff on the internets regardings the big leak...

@kuba najmocniejsza ironia w tym wszystkim to to, że Facebook stworzył standard OpenGraph, żeby w ich serwisie były sensowne podglądy linków, ale wszystkie inne aplikacje które z tego korzystają, nie obsługują Facebooka, bo nie mogą wczytać ich stron

@kuba my mamy IP domowe oflagowane przez Facebooka, w configu Wireguarda wpisaną całą listę bloków adresów IPv4 należących do Facebooka żeby szły przez Raspberry

Chciałem otrzymywać powiadomienia o update'ach pewnej strony na FB, ale nie mam konta na FB.

Spróbowałem scrapować ją za pomocą Huginna, ale FB wykrywa, że IP mojego serwera jest z jakiejś serwerowni i w takiej sytuacji zwraca inny output html.

Dlatego proxuję ruch przez moje RPI, które przez OpenVPN łączy się z tym serwerem i robi zapytania HTTP w imieniu huginna ale już ze zwykłego, domowego adresu IP.

Działa. Ale potrzebujemy więcej interoperacyjności...


🔶 Google unika słów, które mogłyby sugerować, że firma skupia się na pokonaniu (wyeliminowaniu) konkurencji
🔶 Autor przekonuje, że w efekcie nawet pracownicy Google mają problem w dostrzeżeniu, że firma zdobyła monopol w wielu obszarach
🔶 Działania Google mogą przypominać proces tworzenia nowomowy, którą intrygująco przedstawił George Orwell w książce "Rok 1984"


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