@cute (well ok maybe it is direct, idk if that statement was untrue technically as well or was i correct)

@cute it's only direct when there is not even air in between

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As well as minifying, obfuscating, and compressing your HTML, CSS, JS, try swapping your double quotes to the much lighter single-quote. #perfmatters

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So I found the reason why this spin isn't possible with a Z piece

This spin requires kicking down, but SRS apparently prefers kicking *up* when rotating left.

What the FUCK

Like a true gamer, my tombstone will have a giant “F” button that people can press

Transphobia, gab 

why is it that each time I see a user interface start looking bad, it’s some random font names?

all schools in Poland started remote teaching on wednesday, as they had to because of new regulations. the only reason why I don’t join lessons is that school’s MS Teams org uses data from Active Directory and it’s the same one as the school register uses, so they can’t just replace my deadname. I wrote to one of the school IT admins who knows my situation if I can get a second account, he told me he will ask who can do that, because he has no permissions for that. no more information from him since wednesday. I only went to one lesson since wednesday, because it was on webex so I could just type my name and join.

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Ever wondered how the @zoom_us@twitter.com macOS installer does it’s job without you ever clicking install? Turns out they (ab)use preinstallation scripts, manually unpack the app using a bundled 7zip and install it to /Applications if the current user is in the admin group (no root needed).

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@luna just keep a good distance while kicking ppls asses pls

Who needs an alarm to wake up? I just wait until my air mattress deflates enough that I hit the ground.

Don't tell bad programmers on your team to fix their bad formatting. It's a useful signal to be extra alert while reading their code.

@philipwhite there is a List-Unsubscribe: header — which is afaik either a http(s) link or an email address, maybe possibly with optional Subject and content setting like it is possible in "mailto:" URLs.

"mom can we buy a sound mixer?"

"no we have sound mixer at home"

sound mixer at home:

I don't know if music is actually good or if it's just a weird brain hack no different than recreational drug use.

I'm not sure what colors my perceptions, but I put on Losing My Religion expecting a magnificently engineered masterpiece, but instead I heard so much dynamic range processing that it made me seasick. 🤷🏼‍♂️

hopefully enabling compression for all files and folders of whole C: drive in my Windows 10 virtual machine will not contribute to any kind of instability

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