it's been a few days that addressed have been reaching me on (and none on the old host since Sunday) but it still keeps telling me i have yet to add the records. Do only some resolve it right and not them yet? Or is it because I have more MXes added further? At first I added them at a bit greater numbers for less priority (but still first) but then thought maybe they check for the 10 and 20, and also i still have the 28 & 30 records for them (duplicate) and 44 & 45 MX records for my old mail hosting

what pride flag is this bag? (red pink white yellow green blue violet) can it be sun-weathered original pride flag?

Omni - Omni (1985)
i jest
Omni - Przybysze z Matplanety (1983)

just fixed my glasses with a cable-tie twist-wire?? screw went missing this time after i had it fixed with the blue stuff by an optician years ago

weird pics of my fingernails, on some there's stuff in background. there's also socks as the pov for the first two is between my legs bent upward. my fingernails painted with matte orange, but also neon yellow and a certain pink, and an orange jelly top coat, chaotically. yes the matte orange was there before.

closeup painted fingernail, energy drink on top of jeansed thigh 


me carrying a pixel in 2018 on Toruń Festival of Arts and Science, just got that photo sent to me


i meant ```

but Twidere/Mastodon replaced it with just the "x"

and the label shows up and the input is shown as a text field in
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with my carry-around laptop having been (proudly) made to look like this, and my electronic Optima SP 20 typewriter being qwertz too, im now going to be switching to qwerty?!

oh also the new main💻 has a flat wide Return key so i send the partial messages instead of typing ó/ź

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