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Welp, keeps getting connection closed after a few actions with IMAP of

Dear developers, especially those working on free and open software: every new release is an opportunity to have someone discover your tool.

Make sure you explain what your tool is when announcing a new release and have links to where people can learn more about it.

#foss #dev

@niconiconi @ND3JR For that matter, it could’ve happened to Woz back then, too. HP had rights of first refusal due to his using HP resources to design it, and if I recall iWoz correctly, they only refused it because they were too short-sighted to see the personal computer market that way.

@tfb @niconiconi The way IP works you can't even work on stuff like that without company resources. They can claim anything you produce that relates to that business as long as you're employed there. And Google is super strict about it, making you get permission before you even type a code snippet on Stack Overflow (I'm dead serious).

@niconiconi HP being lax about this back then is literally cited as a reason to have strict documents about not doing outside work with Company Resources these days. Silicon Valley is very much not what it once was.

> The [Apple Computer] garage is a bit of a myth. We did no designs there, no breadboarding, no prototyping, no planning of products. We did no manufacturing there.
> The work was being done—soldering things together, putting the chips together, designing them, drawing them on drafting tables—at my cubicle at Hewlett-Packard in Cupertino. That was an incredible time. It let me do a lot of side projects - Steve Wozniak

The Apple I computer was "slacking off at work" in action. Just imagine doing this today, good luck on not getting your copyright claimed by the company. #retrocomputing #apple

though maybe they would if implementors didnt have to pay a hundred and fifty eight swiss francs to read the spec

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today in weird standards discoveries:

the year 200 BC is year -0199 in ISO 8601

I don't like 3d platform games. The entire gameplay is staring at the shadow to figure out whether you're actually landing on the platform you want to land on right now or not. And then there are games like Super Mario 64 where you can't even always see the shadow even because the camera is your enemy.

I don't enjoy that kind of gameplay

I'm already reading several books ( ) but I need another lightweight one to put on my e-reader

But it goes without saying that CSS and JS should be treated as supplemental.
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Gitea (nightly edition) now has nodeinfo support. One (very tiny) step towards full federation. Thanks to @techknowlogick, @dachary @fedeproxy (and many others) for making this happen!

Today also (coincidentally) happened to be the day of the submission of the NLnet grant application for work on federation.

These are indeed very exciting times, and we are very proud and thankful of the community surrounding Gitea.

someone got their paws on a 1960 State Department memorandum about the sanctions on cuba, really puts things in perspective

new type of guy: guy who tracks down the relatives of historical figures on twitter to tell them that a japanese company turned their relative into an anime girl for a gacha game

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can't believe i'm actually also a skirt

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i will redistribute it to system notifications. but i feel like we have decided to be more hashtag on here??

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