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^ did I? I didn't. Wish me luck and determination not to procrastinate till afternoon when today's morning comes.

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me carrying a pixel in 2018 on Toruń Festival of Arts and Science, just got that photo sent to me


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people when they realize keeping their SSH key secret is obscuring their SSH key and thus security by obscurity

@ajroach42 one thing I thought might be a step in this direction was the plug and socket system in Xorg, which was implemented in Gtk3, whereby one process could be embedded into another window. I always felt like this had a lot more potential applications than were ever explored. Alas, it has no counterpart in Wayland.

I do like the sound of command line style composability in a graphical environment. It sounds like a paradigm shift.

@TerryHancock @natecull @ajroach42 Windows Workflow Foundation was fairly close to this, but I think it is dead now.

@TerryHancock @natecull @ajroach42 There's an ancient commercial visualisation tool called AVS that had a flow based system; see: you can just about see at the bottom of that page an example graph; I used it decades ago and it was quite neat, the pips on the nodes correspond to types of parameters.


"The solution isn't to push users back to the command line. The solution must be to bring composability to the graphical environment."

Definitely agree on this.

I've been waiting for a "composable graphical environment" ever since the 1980s and wondering what the holdup has been! Still am!

(because I was a kid who read Byte magazine, which talked about 1) GUIs and 2) Lisp/Smalltalk, so it seemed obvious to kid me that GUIs would be programming languages... and then they weren't)

Smartphones and tablets are here to stay. GUIs are a part of life.

The solution isn't to push users back to the command line. The solution must be to bring composability to the graphical environment.

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Part of the problem is one of approachability.

BASIC still works, you know? I wrote programs in FreeBASIC as a kid.

Python is out there, and is fairly easy to get started with, and there are plenty of good guides and tutorials.

But they are not *approachable* you know?

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In the 80s, my aunt (a child) and my grandmother (someone who, today, can't even effectively operate her Television) wrote a series of computer programs from which they ran my grandfather's business.

They generated invoices and printed them, scheduled jobs, kept a list of customers, etc.

They did it all with an Atari 8-bit computer, and the included BASIC.

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Today, I know a lot of business people who do the kinds of things I would write software for using Excel or Access and macros.

But it's mostly boring business stuff.

My mom used to weave batch files and sidekick databases in to something resembling a computer program.

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I used to go off about hypercard a lot.

It was a tool, scarcely more complicated than Powerpoint, that enabled anyone who chose to to make programs that do things.

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Number crunching is impossible after they get soggy in milk or melt in your hand

>i just enjoy PalmOS To Do app with categories and Due Dates for postponing. I gotta get myself Manana for recurring stuff. And probably HandyShopper for some stuff. Also I want to migrate my huge log from Loop Habit Tracker for Android to something PalmOS

electron apps are not inherently bad at performance but i have yet to see a single electron app that is not bad at performance

literally even skype ran better on my grandma's windows xp computer a decade ago than discord does on my thinkpad e470 in 2022

Is it a crime to knock on a door and run away?

by geo.facts_ on instagram

CW: philosophy: abortion vs organ donation 

No one can legally compel you to use your body to save an actual life in the case organ donation, bone marrow, or even blood donation, which poses little to no risk to the donor.

You literally have no onus to donate blood to save your own child's life.

And yet, the US legal system may compel the use of your body to carry a pregnancy on behalf of a *potential* life, despite the significant risk involved.

On this basis alone, it makes no sense.

other girls: want a beefy CPU to play video games
me: want a beefy CPU to compile GCC

o chuj, szmer się federuje XD
ciekawe od kiedy już

the electroswing stays ON during sex 😤

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