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Welp, keeps getting connection closed after a few actions with IMAP of

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I'm a user of vanilla Emacs now. I intend to try using default configuration in the team programming championships (i'm starting as a single person) (preparations: Fri 17CET, championships: 9CET). I prepared myself notes with all CC-mode and related bindings.

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i needed a tagged bookmarking system (partly since i not only stopped using browser bookmarks but browser history as well), and bibsonomy allows me to add websites as well as paper publications. and it's so neatly social, like no other social bookmarking site.

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Likely controverisal take:

Languages with first-class package managers that make it really easy to use dependencies are a case where ease-of-use and usability might be actively harmful. It encourages developers to NOT audit their dependencies, and eventually leads to node_modules, which eventually leads to leftpad. Having fewer dependencies because adding depenedencies is annoying is not actually necessarily a bad thing.

I just asked on Super User: Are .gitignore files from directories above the repository's or from home directory loaded in any versions of Git?

@der_On @aral

I know people who have "ALEXA", who change the room for "private discussions" - in their own house!

I don't get it.

@haskal There are even localized variants, like !gfr for the French version of Google, or !wfr for the French version of Wikipedia.

And my favourite : !gtfr for Google Translate from [detected language] to French (works with !gten, !gtde, etc).

in chinese i asked my wife if she wanted any fried-egg sandwiches for breakfast, she was upstairs, so it was a little hard to hear, and then she replied "i already had 2 newspapers"

my half-awaken ass paused for a sec before realizing she said this chinese bun thing with sweet stuff inside, and not newspapers

i need coffee before i can hear the difference between

bào​zhǐ (newspaper)



someones she speaks with a southern chinese accent so the "h" gets lost and it sounds the same

does anyone here speak hindi?

i noticed on a packet of supermarket curry there was the word इंडियन in the branding

my rusty knowledge of nagari from sanskrit many years ago leads me to believe that this says, uh, "indian", but the hindi for indian is not "indian"..??

what's going on here. are sainsburys being overly phonetic in their translation

slowly developing my own fan theories about what homestuck is about despite reading none of it

I love going on Twitter and mentioning I bought an expensive piece of entertainment technology and being told "You should've waited for the more powerful and much more expensive version that hasn't even been officially announced or revealed yet"

so, to make a predeclared-resolution image/x-ms-bmp that will have the best compression ratio with jpeg, i need to make it 24bit and find a way to exceed the palette of 256 in the most jpeg-compressible way, right? now what would be the best such a way

previously being a user of Claws Mail before switching to aerc, i now switched to Alpine. Using roles for multiple SMTP servers and having none as default, though, i wish there could be a way to always get asked for a role when doing Compose, like for example on a mailto list-unsubscribe

Snip from an email from yesterday after I signed off
“If you cannot reply just let me know”


xfce, sticky alt text, bug 

Just logged on and for a minute thought I was back on Twitter.

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