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Welp, keeps getting connection closed after a few actions with IMAP of

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I'm a user of vanilla Emacs now. I intend to try using default configuration in the team programming championships (i'm starting as a single person) (preparations: Fri 17CET, championships: 9CET). I prepared myself notes with all CC-mode and related bindings.

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i needed a tagged bookmarking system (partly since i not only stopped using browser bookmarks but browser history as well), and bibsonomy allows me to add websites as well as paper publications. and it's so neatly social, like no other social bookmarking site.

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"Who the fuck is eoan, and why do they have a repository with dkms in it?"

– Me, not knowing the name of the current Ubuntu release

Yesterday night's TT thread: Not long ago i learned what a panic attack really is. On myself. […] Somehow i never would have thought that was it.

whatever one's opinion on guns is, this article is cancerogenic: hxxp://

I started to consume RSS/Atom feeds of friends' weblogs daily recently (like a month or so). I use SpaRSS DecSync fork. I hope to find more of my friends posting content on regular weblogs. I gotta check all my mutuals', on here and on birdsite, website bio fields. Will do once i get some free time.

@ItsMorgan ah yeah they didn't use the correct pronounciations of the games until like 6 for the english dub. british colonialists created the first romanized alphabet for chinese languages in the early 20th century and for some reason a lot of english speakers still use that instead of the one the chinese government made that's far closer to pronunciation

New York City Parks "Are Using a Designer’s ‘Tree Font’ to Plant Secret Messages with Real Trees"

@firescotch For CAD whenever I abbreviate assembly I usually shorten it to ASM. However most companies for whatever reason shorten it to ASSY and then act like they really don't know why it's funny.

loling at this spreadsheet that’s abbreviated cumulative to cum. like twelve times

sometimes the CW, while accurate, implies much worse than the post actually is

What do you guys think about switching from to ?


Ok, a little bit of history about the propose to switch to Pleroma. A couple of users asked me to "tweak" Mastodon to add some functionality, but I have no time nor the competence to keep a fork of it. Most of this tweaks are already included in Pleroma, so one of the suggestion was to switch to it. That's why I'm asking how many people are interested in the switch.

#AbiWord shouldn't be allowed to open .odt files. I fixed a typo, saved the file and now everything is broken, spacing, margins, fonts. Now I have to make all the styles again. I didn't realize I opened file in AbiWord, just wanted to fix a typo quickly in LibreOffice Writer. No idea why AbiWord is now my default .odt opener.

Ktoś zaparkował na miejscu z zakazem, po czym... Wyciągnął ze schowka mandat, wsunął sobie za szybę i poszedł.

Podoba mi sie, ze w FairMail mozna edytowac klikniety link przed otwarciem :3 Nawykowo juz usuwam trackujace query params

@kuba_orlik I recently stumbled upon an article - I don’t know - probably on hackernews.
something that was about how the web got more and more user unfriendly and it got some really interesting points with all the trackers on Facebook and Twitter and stuff like that.
You can’t even look into any content without signing up...
Web got really hostile so I completely agree with everything that article states 😕

Śniło mi się, ze wyborcy pomylili spoty wyborcze z reklamami i wybory 2020 wygrał APAP. Do ludzi przemówiło to, że jest bezpieczny i można go brać z innymi lekami

Autentycznie mnie przeraża, że coraz częściej zamiast "obejrzałem to w Internecie" ludzie mówią "Internet mi to pokazał"

Social media sites when you don't use them be like:


And all of them are like "jk, nothing's happening, go post something"

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