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so polish "214"/"typistwoman's" qwertz keyboard layout on windows lacks square brackets ("[]") under AltGr+F/G. a known bug! so i tried MS Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4. but when i install the created layouts, they show up as "Unavailable input method" and cant be used. imma qwerty?

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i gotta write myself a windows logon ( / return after a user switch) script that would switch my screen resolution

I had a quite a lot configured in my #Enlightenment setup, but by mistake i had it first update
from an old version from nixos-unstable
to the most recent version in unstable (flat♥)
and then back to the most recent version in stable,

and it wiped my config! 😭

And I enable Enlightenment with services.xserver.desktopManager.enlightenment.enable in , so how do i make that option use packages from unstable instead? I have a flakes.nix /etc/nixos now.


Color band: The colors are sorted ... to reduce the significance of possible read errors due to color shifts and fading over time

Also color band: applies to the 10x multiplier

Ah yes 470 is close enough to 4.7k what could go wrong

Another thing i dont like is when im not sure if theyre teaching me a phrase because its how people actually talk or if its just because its simpler to say it like that if youre just starting. But i guess that isnt exclusive to duolingo

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It's so annoying to me that duolingo doesnt teach grammar at all, and like, teaches you multiple ways of saying the same thing without explaining the difference

I will never not sound like an ace enby if you open an NTFS drive on linux not working properly today

I don't normally share these, but apparently I have some kind of special magical power today. I promise to use it wisely.

Wordle 214 2/6


Wordle 214 3/6

Line 1: 1st perfect, but 3rd and 4th in the wrong place.
Line 2: 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th perfect.
Line 3: Won!


my quasipartner and partner do sometimes be getting lowkey-to-quite jealous at each other over me, to the point of both having by now declared unwillingness to listen from me about each other as metamours /neu

Как форматировать текст в Telegram на Xiaomi (MIUI) / How to format Telegram text on Xiaomi (MIUI) -

apparently one of the porns showed in that zoom call was a genshin impact thing

you know what, I retract. not putting beyond them to do something like that deliberately

how quoted is it that there's no hacker and one of the senators just mindlessly clicked on their stash

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@maia just mewmemwemwmewmew and reap the benefits

i will be on @maia from now on unless i like forget to actually switch there which i probably will

funny how my muscle memory associates my thinkpad x220 with qwertz much more intensely

może i przechodzę na qwerty na full-sized klawiaturach poza maszyną do pisania, ale w pisaniu kciukami (smartfon) pozostanę przy qwertz, bo jednak pisanie polskich dwuznaków 😍

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