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PSA: i hope to discontinue being a failure on Wednesday, 11:45 Warsaw time (i hope to successfully attend that first class of this academic year)

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sometimes i wish i had an anonymous public internet identity

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on is 2019.01.20 from (for comparison: on Arch it's version 2019.07.01)

Kakoune in version 2019.01.20 lacks quite some features — for example, the :help command.

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uhh so is my daily driver on Arch and now i am in progress of switching to and according to cwm lacks maintainer, and the problem is that my is for cwm version 6 (from AUR) and has cwm version 5

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i think i still want more lumens tho. even tho the room is something like 3.8×2.3m (measured with eye)

got a 1360lum LED bulb to replace the fluorescent weak slowly-starting original one that was supplied by landlords, so my tiny room got +5 to antidepression


My friends: torie you don’t have to reply to every person who says something stupid in your mentions
Me: but then how do I win

@mwlucas Alas, the closest thing to a sed-users mailing list currently resides on Yahoo Groups. Fate TBD.

For those seeking the official notice from Yahoo:

Yahoo Groups is being shut down.

All content will be deleted in three months.

Latest uBlock Origin Update Rejected from the Chrome Web Store. No time like the present to switch to Firefox.

-5.0 introduced $EPOCHREALTIME, variable containing microseconds-precision unix epoch time in seconds in decimal floating point string representation.

In a decimal-point-comma locale, i found it containing a comma. Should it be like that? I want a period for scripts!

supportive, good feels 

i know this system has an xcb-proto.h in /usr/include

i got xcb-util into ~/.local/

but to do xss-lock i need to compile libxcb, and with there being no /usr/lib/pkgconfig/xcb-proto.pc i need to provide XCBPROTO_CFLAGS and XCBPROTO_LIBS to libxcb's ./configure

"hey how does tar actually encode permission bits and the such"

oh. using octal numbers. of course.

I mean FINE

Octal is probably the fastest to parse from ASCII, and it prevent endianess issues but

come on

the fucking timestamp?

@raspberry_boy reflexed :q! like a fucking idiot

the best part I literally started at the prompt for a second thinking "wait am I missing something"

"eh it's nothing"

*hits enter*


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