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^ did I? I didn't. Wish me luck and determination not to procrastinate till afternoon when today's morning comes.

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me carrying a pixel in 2018 on Toruń Festival of Arts and Science, just got that photo sent to me


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lanky girl with a Galaxy Watch 46mm?

sleep tracking… if it's even there, it'll be suffering

tfw okazało się że w credit agricole miałam strasznie małe limity z dawnych czasów, których nie mogłam zmienić bez znalezienia umowy lub wizyty w oddziale, ale limit dzienny można ominąć datując przelewy zwykłe na kolejne dni (na każdy dzień limit), przynajmniej z ap-cji mobilnej

in an alternate timeline there could be a trend of music releases made on BluRay in a way such that 70 minutes takes full disk capacity and pirating usually means recoding with some loss, that people'd keep arguing about.

And video discs going for hundreds of GBs for same reason

i love having this ssd that makes noises. being an ssd. people telling me it shouldn't. resize2fs sounds very distinctive!

this USB DAC i have keeps having oft hiccups on my OpenBSD ThinkPad X220. Sucks listening to music. Same does Bandcamp in Firefox, same does CDIO CDPLAY, same does AUCAT from a WAV even with cdrom unplugged.

A foreigner asked us in a supermarket where could he find sugar. I had to explain it to him, showing him where it normally was.

lewd adj OH 

OH: i wanna like do stuff and get out ... i wanna do more than just girls

w czwartek jadę na woodstock, do rodziców nie byłam w stanie pojechać na czas, a w sklepach nie ma śpiworów, w dodatku Poznański Szybki Tramwaj z Piątkowa się właśnie unieczynnił


I've hacked on a few Lisps, primarily Emacs Lisp and Clojure, and a teeny bit of Scheme, but I'm messing with Common Lisp again. Have some random thoughts.


Compile-time checking is done with proclaim or declaim:

(defun add (a b)
(declare (type fixnum a b))
(+ a b))

(declaim (ftype (function (fixnum fixnum) fixnum) add))

Which says that add accepts two fixnums as its arguments and returns a fixnum, and produces a compiler error if the func returns anything else, or is called with the wrong arguments.

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So the magic is that you can ignore the extra values, and they can flow through the stack until something needs them.

And the clunk is that they're inaccessible without some fairly verbose macro binding forms.

Shortening the names or having the standard let-bind aware of them would be a big improvement IMO.

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For example: you have a web crawler. Three links deep into archiving something, a HTTP request fails.

Other languages -- whether you use exceptions or return an error value -- unwind the stack until reaching an error handler, which loses the accumulated state (that is, which links were followed). So recovery means repeating *successful* operations as well as the one that failed.

Not Common Lisp.

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The error handling system, and restarts in particular, are amazing, but also kind of difficult to use in practice.

Restarts let you define error recovery strategies at the same level of the code they occur, and are invoked without unwinding the stack. This is wild, and unlike any other language.

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basically, mormons being overly fanatical in their beliefs means that the file format they developed was restricted to only allowing for relationships that were allowed by mormonism.

and mormonism is very strictly monogamous (the whole polygamy thing was a rather short period towards the beginning of mormonism and since then they've done a really fucking strong 180 on it) and also strictly defines a family structure of every child having exactly one mother and one father who are married.

so a family structure involving having multiple spouses of various genders where they're all equally considered the parents of their children (like was common in hawaii and polynesia in general) is completely and totally impossible to do in that file format

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thinking about how "you can't properly display or even store the family tree of the hawaiian monarchy with modern geneology software because the standard file format used is developed by mormons" is 100% true and absolutely fucking ridiculous what if we were both sysadmins but one of us was a docker fanboy and the other was a kvm fanboy

stop asking about who's top or bottom and ask instead who's the sysadmin in the relationship

every wikipedia article on famous computer scientists contains the sentence "<name> became so frustrated with the inability of the <old system> that they built <software still used 50 years later> in their spare time"

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