@opal "object capabilities". It doesn't really have much to do with "objects" in that it doesn't require object oriented programming, and originally they were just called "capabilities", but "capabilities" got overloaded as a term (eg, what the Linux kernel calls capabilities are nothing like object capabilities). ocap is shorthand, refers to a specific paradigm: your security model isn't who you are, but what references you hold onto.

Backdoor discovered in Ruby "strong password" library, takes your "strong passwords" and uploads them into a pastebin nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2019/

Hi, do you believe me when I say we need ocap security yet

I've been using it for a while and I love it

i switched to "KISS launcher" (fr.neamar.kiss) from F-Droid and it's actually lovely, I'm surprised

i once used to really like but i will never know at what params... right now i hate it with these params...

"...dogs’ faces are structured for complex expression in a way that wolves’ aren’t, thanks to a special pair of muscles framing their eyes. these muscles are responsible for that “adopt me” look that dogs can pull by raising their inner eyebrows. it’s the first biological evidence scientists have found that domesticated dogs might have evolved a specialized ability used expressly to communicate better with humans."



ODD story 

Taking my Pinebook apart to turn on serial and damn this thing is all battery. Pinebook has a switch to enable serial out on the audio jack.

Protip: a shot glass is a great holder of tiny screws

facebook, rust, open-source licenses 

should I start learning elixir + phoenix, some rust web framework (actually I forgot almost everything about rust but nvm) or properly learn node.js? maybe something else? I only have real experience in frameworks like adonisjs

I am about to move to Warsaw before the end of August. I'm looking for a job, starting remotely for up to one month. I have some professional experience but not much. Eager to work on anything, systems programming, Android apps, web application backends... whatever. B2B preferred.

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