Does anyone have success stories about self-hosting email, or is it all futile and I should just use a paid service like Fastmail? From what I've found online, self-hosting guarantees that I'll get on someone's spam list, and removing myself from it will require a ton of effort (if it's possible at all).

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@minoru i did, was pretty straightforward with postfix and dkim/stuff howtos

@L29Ah "Did", so you don't do it anymore? Why? Also, how long did you keep it up, and what did you replace it with?

@minoru Used to host it on my home box, but i don't have a home with a box anymore, so i'm just using for personal mail.

@L29Ah @minoru I still self host, dkim solves spam issues.

@nm0i How long do you do it? Where is the server hosted - are you using a residential IP, or is it in a cloud somewhere? Have you ever gotten in any blocklists, was it hard to get yourself off them?


@minoru @L29Ah 11 years, london, cloud, got on blocklist, got out because one of admin duders was on irc

@L29Ah @minoru Same here. With a proper security configuration I had no issues over recent years with my personal email.
I use some cheap 128MiB Ram vps box. Nothing fancy.
I think that’s because when everything is properly signed from DNS to IPs then probability that our emails are fishy is negligible.


when everything is properly signed from DNS to IPs

So not just SPF and DKIM, but also DNSSEC and DANE?


@minoru @L29Ah I can only confirm that based on my setup with SPF+DKIM+DNSSEC and no DANE (I was to lazy to set it up yet) everything works. No issues with emails transfer with gmail et al.
I migrated from gmail years ago to that very setup.
My mail is under .cz if that makes any difference 🤷

@kmicu That sounds much more reassuring than what I've read elsewhere. Thanks!


@minoru It's not overly difficult. If you are just doing personal email then you likely won't end up on a spam list. The issue is that with email you don't know there's a problem until people haven't been getting your email (or you haven't gotten any) for like a year and you finally notice. It's not that it's hard, it's that problems are quiet.

Even as someone who knows how to self-host email (I worked for an ESP for a while), I'd still just use a paid service so I don't have to deal with it.

@minoru I've been selfhosting my email for the past 15 years, and I can tell it is way easier now :)
Still require work and maintenance though. Sometimes also some action to get remove from blacklist, but that happened only 2 times for me…
There are already a lot of packaged things for people starting email hosting like mailcow, yunohost and others :)


Sometimes also some action to get remove from blacklist, but that happened only 2 times for me…

That's the part that scares me the most. I don't want to suddenly find out that my emails stopped getting delivered a few weeks ago.

2 times in 15 years doesn't sound so bad though, I could live with that.

@minoru Well, it happened this year (the 2nd time) and basically took me 30min to fix (but only 2 days after so that may be a problem)…
But yeah, when I found out it was not something I wished happen for sure.
I won't say it's worth it or not because it really depends on you at the end…
Also, having other users like family makes it a bit more painful as they just expect stuff to always work^^

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