Finally published the source code for . Head over to if you're curious how it was put together. Please don't bash me too hard about the code, JS isn't my area of expertise.

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@minoru That's awesome! 🎉

What is not so awesome, but rather awful is my testing score: only 50% - "You have some learning to do" it says.😧

@janriemer Well, the questions aren't easy, so 50% is pretty good I'd say :) Also, don't hesitate retrying it, because there's enough content for a few runs!

@minoru Very nicely done. However i would suggest to show up right answers (or links to right answers) at the end. i mean for wrongly answered ones, so it also become source of learning too (trivia)

Great Initiative! 👍

75 per cent correct answers! ☺️

Hey, if I may suggest, when someone gets an answer wrong, would it be possible to show them the right one? 😇

@abid @frankie I'm too lazy to change the design (like flash the correct answer green or something like that), but I guess I could write a blog post with the correct answers, and link it from the finale screen. I'll think about it :)

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