One more RFC that will never gain universal adoption and compatible implementations:</sarcasm>

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@janriemer @minoru If only someone had thought to suggest this earlier, it could have saved me so much debugging time over the years!

@markusl @minoru Facts. Also, think about how much damage bugs cause to our (mental) health.
People, who have to use buggy software and people who have to maintain/develop it are stressed out, because of bugs.

They go home to their families and can't be their best selves as a parent or spouse, because they had to deal with annoying/buggy software that made them reaching their goals impossible.

We as developers have to take more responsibility for what we put out in the world!


That's a great thought, and it applies well beyond bugs:

* Slow software is stressful

* Inflexible software that doesn't put the user in control is stressful

* Software that measures or surveils the user is stressful

* Lazy or unhelpful error messages are frustrating

* Software that makes it hard or time-consuming to get the user's work done is stressful

* Software and Web sites that are gratuitously different from established conventions are stressful.


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