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this is Betty Holberton. she invented the concept of breakpoints for debugging. ever heard of her? you probably haven't, because our field sucks ass and constantly erases its own history.

Ok, I'm going to update to 2.9 in 5 minutes, brace yourself! 😄

I'm going to deploy Mastodon 2.9 tomorrow evening. Looks like a huge change, so take a look at this blog post[0]. Cheers.


Why I don't say "Ciao" 

In the last few days, I had to deal with an project for a customer... I premise that the last time I used Angular was before 2.0, but I find it a total mess.

I'm really glad I choose Clojure/ClojureScript for my company.

With the last update of (v2.8.4) the cron job that cleans up the old media files has stop to work, apparently, resulting in a full disk errors. Things are going back to normal, I hope.

Sorry for the downtime, I just updated from Mastodon v2.8.0 to v2.8.4.

I wrote a command line utility to share files/snippets to your @nextcloud instance. It uses the DropIt app endpoints:

Sorry guys, I was sleeping... 😥

Monitor is UP: Functional Cafè ( It was down for 6 hours, 39 minutes and 5 seconds.

Anyone know how to combine an MP3 with a JPEG and get a valid MP4 video file using ffmpeg? My attempts at using stuff found through Google isn't working.

Trying to wean myself off of QuickTime Player 7 for this sort of thing, and or would be cool to be able to do it entirely on my phone in Termux.

My and @Nymsi 's talk from Clojure/north about the collaborative platform our team works on

Luminus now supports shadow-cljs using +shadow-cljs flag:

lein new luminus myapp +re-frame +shadow-cljs
cd myapp
lein shadow watch app

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