users, yesterday there's been an issue with the instance services, sorry for the downtime.

ok, thanks for the patience, looks like everything worked as intended. 🥳

Please report me or on Matrix channel if you notice something weird.

users, since the instance and its surrounding are growing, I need to make a bit of maintenance on the database. There will be some downtime around 19:30 UTC.

Hey folks, just a quick reminder that the instance has a matrix channel if you want to jump in and say hi:

Hey / Mastodon people, can anyone help me to design a logo for After all these years we still lack one... 😓

just updated the instance to Mastodon v3.5.1 (see

Sorry for the little downtime, enjoy and let me know if something feels odd.

updated to version 3.4.6, let me know if everything is alright.

people, since the mastodon release 3.4.6 solves a quite severe security issue, I'm going to update the instance right now instead of the weekend.

Sorry for the short notice but I think the security of the instance is more important of its availability.

Hope you understand, thanks for the patience.

Hello , this weekend I'm going to update the instance to the new release, downtimes may happen.
Thanks for your patience!

Hey, folks, Mastodon Glitch updated, sorry for the small downtime.

Let me know if you encounter any issue.

Ok, users, the upgrade to mastodon-glitch v3.4.0 is completed, enjoy!

Hello users!

Tonight (7pm GMT circa) I'm going to upgrade to the latest Mastodon release, so some downtime may be possible.

You can find the release notes here:


Hey, users! Looks like the server migration has been successful!

I still have to tune some little details, pgbouncer for example, so there can be other minor hiccup in the service.

As always, you can contact me if you notice anything weird.


Hello fellow users.

In case you've missed the administration announcement, I need to migrate the actual instance to another server.

It will take part of the weekend (6-7/2) and the instance will not be available.

Thanks for your patience.

Hello ,
Thanks to now has its own status page at where you can see if the main site has any problem and keep updated with the resolutions.

I'm slowly migrate myself to, the new Pleroma instance of , just to understand how hard it is to self-migrate.

A self-migration means the old statuses from Mastodon will be lost.

Hi guys,

Sorry for the unannounced downtime, I updated the instance with the last changes of (the Mastodon fork we are using).

Thanks for your patience.

Hello people. It's been a while since we voted to migrate this instance to .

Unfortunately, at the moment, we have some issues to migrate the statuses: the only migration tool ( doesn't work with our version of Mastodon. If any programmer has time/will to give a hand, it's welcome.

Another possibility is that I set up the new Pleroma instance on a subdomain and slowly every user can migrate their data at their own pace... Of course, I'm open to suggestions.

I probably found the home timeline issue, let's see in the next hours...

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