Ok, users, the upgrade to mastodon-glitch v3.4.0 is completed, enjoy!

Hello users!

Tonight (7pm GMT circa) I'm going to upgrade functional.cafe to the latest Mastodon release, so some downtime may be possible.

You can find the release notes here: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/


Hey, users! Looks like the server migration has been successful!

I still have to tune some little details, pgbouncer for example, so there can be other minor hiccup in the service.

As always, you can contact me if you notice anything weird.


Hello fellow users.

In case you've missed the administration announcement, I need to migrate the actual instance to another server.

It will take part of the weekend (6-7/2) and the instance will not be available.

Thanks for your patience.

Hello ,
Thanks to upptime.js.org/ now functional.cafe has its own status page at status.functional.cafe where you can see if the main site has any problem and keep updated with the resolutions.

I'm slowly migrate myself to p.functional.cafe, the new Pleroma instance of , just to understand how hard it is to self-migrate.

A self-migration means the old statuses from Mastodon will be lost.

Hi guys,

Sorry for the unannounced downtime, I updated the instance with the last changes of (the Mastodon fork we are using).

Thanks for your patience.

Hello people. It's been a while since we voted to migrate this instance to .

Unfortunately, at the moment, we have some issues to migrate the statuses: the only migration tool (gitlab.com/soapbox-pub/migrato) doesn't work with our version of Mastodon. If any programmer has time/will to give a hand, it's welcome.

Another possibility is that I set up the new Pleroma instance on a subdomain and slowly every user can migrate their data at their own pace... Of course, I'm open to suggestions.

I probably found the home timeline issue, let's see in the next hours...

Hi friends. As you surely have noticed, there were some issues with the instance lately. I'm trying my best to figure out what the hell is wrong with it.

I made some changes tonight, let's see how it goes.

Please, don't be afraid of contact me if you see something strange. You can direct message me or any other way.

There's some ways to contact me on my profile.


A quick clarification about the instances list I posted yesterday: it is not a list of dead instances, my bad. As @loke pointed out, mastodon.sdf.org/ is alive and well.

The process I started on monday was checking all remote accounts of this instance (about 115k). These accounts are followed by or follow one or more accounts of .

The remote account can be unreachable for different reasons: the instance is down, the ssl certificate of the instance is no longer valid or the remote user doesn't exist anymore.

At the end the process (tootclt accounts cull[1]) spits out a list of all the instances involved.

[1] docs.joinmastodon.org/admin/to

Hi . To ease the migration to Pleroma, I'm going to do a little maintenance, so the instance will be down for a bit, starting from 8.30 am UTC.

Thanks for your patience.

Mastodon -> Pleroma 

I know I already bring this up before, but here I ask again: would be an issue for you guys to migrate from Mastodon to Pleroma?

Mastodon is really heavy, has a complex structure (3 different mastodon services, 1 postgresql, 1 redis) and somehow "castrated" by default, forcing to switch to a fork of it (glitch-soc, which works but of course have a "use at your own risk" disclaim) and sometimes it's a real PITA to update.

Actually, has 463 users registered, but only about 15-20% of them are active.

Now, an eventual migration to Pleroma will take some times, probably a day but you will keep your toots and your followers.
(see gitlab.com/soapbox-pub/migrato).

I'm going to make another poll on another toot for this decision, but I really hope to make the switch. It will means less maintenance, less downtime, less issues thanks to a minor complexity...

Let me know your thoughts.

Ok, updated to 3.1.5+Glitch, let me know if you have any issue.

Hello fellow users of . Today I'm going to update our instance with the latest Glitch release (for those who doesn't know we are running a fork of the offical Mastodon).

There will be some downtime, so be patient. Thank you all for the collaboration.

I don't know why, has some issue (cpu/ram) to keep up with the requests in the last two days 🤔

should be fine, now. I still have a minor issue with redis, I'm going to solve it tomorrow.


Hello folks of .

Today I tried to update to the last version of glitch mastodon , but the version of redis shipped with Debian 8 is no longer compatible with the last version of glitch-soc.

The fix will take a while, stay tuned and thanks for the patience.

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