It took a couple of days, but I finally rewrote my entire configuration from scratch...
Like any good project, sometimes you have to throw all away and start anew.

@mdallastella Did this too some years ago and it was a relief.

Unfortunately, some stuff has gone stale again already, for modes I don't use regularly. One of the things I want to try in the not too distant future is lsp-mode to replace my js, ts and python config.

@schaueho @mdallastella I finally rewrote mine 10 years ago, and is full of rot again. Options that don't match the current melpa versions of things, modes that are mutually exclusive (by env vars). I think I should to a final rewrite before possibly leaving for a modal editor. Apropos, I need to look into modal modes for Emacs again, maybe it's less terrible than the last time.

@tfb I'm a fan of modal editing, unfortunately I've never been able to use evil-mode with success. Doom-emacs has a nice modal configuration, but it's too huge for my taste.

@schaueho lsp-mode is really well done, I use it for Clojure with satisfaction.

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