You guys have no idea about how many Mastodon instanced died these years... 🤦‍♂️

@mdallastella and we have no idea, how mane emerged these years 😁
@mdallastella all across fedi I saw quite a bit of ppl leave from pleroma, and not just instances, but a lot of users too.. part of how it goes it seems :blobsad:

@coyote Well, I understand users can come and go but, I mean, a whole instance?

If you start an instance you should keep it running or don't start it at all... As an admin you're providing a service, if you don't have time/money/whatever you can always give the server management to someone else... Seems to me that a lot of instances were born for fun, and not with serious intentions.

@mdallastella It's a real problem. I often save links to toots and process them later. Was going through that list a few days ago, and about 25% if the instances are gone :(


i am guessing it was less than the number existing and created.


"Less than one in a million make it... but biologically speaking, those are very good odds."
- William S Burroughs

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