Ok guys, I'm going to move from the official Mastodon code to the Glitch fork (

It will be quite a change, I'm going to schedule it on March 5.


@pureevil everything is explained in the link, basically more writing tools for the users and more characters for toots.

@loke @mdallastella @pureevil Do clients like Tusky or Fedilab have to build in support for Markdown and other formatting stuff? In other words, is that feature just an improvement to the builtin frontend?

@philipwhite @loke @pureevil I can't really say how many Glitch fork features Tusky supports, maybe you can take a look here:

Or ask directly to @charlag

These are features that Pleroma has had for a long time, so I'd expect establised mobile clients to support it.
@philipwhite @pureevil @charlag

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