Ok, a little bit of history about the propose to switch to Pleroma. A couple of users asked me to "tweak" Mastodon to add some functionality, but I have no time nor the competence to keep a fork of it. Most of this tweaks are already included in Pleroma, so one of the suggestion was to switch to it. That's why I'm asking how many people are interested in the switch.

@mdallastella I'm experiencing some bad rendering issues when maximizing images. Also, most of the time, closing an image brings me to the newest toot. And on Firefox/Android, switching from horizontal layout to vertical takes ages. I'd say the overall UX is average at best, so I'd vote for trying Pleroma.

@mdallastella plus there's glitch-soc for everyone who doesn't like Pleroma

@mdallastella on the bright side, Pleroma uses Elixir, which is a functional programming language.

I'm curious, is there a script out in the wild for migrating a Mastodon instance to Pleroma?

@mdallastella Out of curiosity, what functionality did your users ask you to add?

@Gargron some users asked for: more than 500 chars per toot, text formatting (like block code) and other minor feature like custom emoji... Nothing I can't live without... but I'm always prone to hear my users requests.

@mdallastella Mastodon supports custom emoji. You can upload them in the admin interface.

@Gargron @mdallastella I'm not sure how hard it is to change the character limit in Mastodon, but some admins do it

@kai @mdallastella Not that hard, you don’t have to maintain a fork for it

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