What do you guys think about switching from to ?


@mdallastella and everyone would lose all their posts and followers and you would have to start fresh cause there isn't import between the two yet

@liaizon @mdallastella users can export/import their follow list but as I understand it the rest of the Fediverse would keep following the users if their accounts exist. Cc @lain

@feld @lain @mdallastella

you can import the list of accounts you are *following* but not import the list of people who are *following you* correct? you have not yet implemented the feature mastodon has of "moving followers"

@liaizon @lain @mdallastella if you use same domain, remote side will still keep following you.

@feld @lain @mdallastella are you sure about that? is there any documentation for this? also does it work the other way? pleroma > mastodon?

@liaizon @lain @mdallastella it's just ActivityPub. We discussed this recently and we do not know of any modern AP implementation that doesn't handle learning new user keys.

It's like email: you can change the software but people can still email you.

In this case people would be following the accounts but Pleroma wouldn't know it. Your follower list would be empty because Pleroma didn't have the Follow activity in its database ...

Hmm I guess that means your posts wouldn't know where to go ... it only works for pull then, not push...

I need mode #cofe
@liaizon @lain @mdallastella so you would still receive their posts directed to you (DM, followers only?)

Hmm yeah this would be annoying. Ignore me.

@feld @lain @mdallastella that sounds incredibly broken sounding and really annoying for a whole instance to deal with.

@liaizon @lain @mdallastella yeah and I guess this explains why followers only is broken which I didn't think too much about the technical underpinnings... it gets delivered to the remote server but that server has to promise to only show it to the followers there

So hey, DMs still work !!!

@liaizon @feld @lain

I'm just asking because some users of my instance asked for it. I'm just asking to see how many users are interested in it, I'm still pondering to do it or not.

@mdallastella Can you give more details, or a list of reasons to switch? The only such request that I've seen was related to post length limit in Mastodon.

If you do decide to switch, a list of reasons to do so will sweeten the bitter pill a bit (at least for me :) (the pillow being bitter because change, however small, is always a disruption)

@liaizon @feld @lain

@minoru The reasons/plus are:
- 5000 post characters instead of 500
- Custom instance emoji (?)

The only reasons that interest me are:
- Elixir instead of Ruby
- Lighter on hardware requirement

But I currently happy about Mastodon.

@mdallastella @minoru Another one of the plusses is formatting, specifically support for code blocks.

@tfb @mdallastella @minoru Does glitchsoc have that functionality? It is a modded Mastodon fork.

@mdallastella @phoe @minoru Glitch-soc does look like the easier option, and it has the feature most needed for a programming-related instance: code blocks :)

It doesn't involve playing with Elixir, though, which I guess was tempting Marco...

@liaizon @feld @lain @mdallastella There is a migration tool that converts the Mastodon database to Pleroma. I don't know if it's production ready though.

Perhaps @lain can provide information?

@loke @liaizon @lain @mdallastella @lain where have you seen this script? we just discussed conversion at FOSDEM and nobody knows of a publicly available solution

@liaizon @mdallastella doesn't Pleroma have like post import or something?..

I'm against it purely because I don't think it's worth the hassle. I wouldn't mind it if the switch is seamless, however.

@erkin @mdallastella Functionality-wise it seems glitch-soc would provide most of the benefits, I think?

@loke @erkin @mdallastella It does look like it would provide most of the benefits to the instance users, with little work to do the migration. It of course doesn't use less resources than Mastodon, nor does it give Marco an excuse to play with Elixir.

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