@mdallastella This was very good. I keep hearing statements that people make that are incorrect. I often don’t challenge them in conversation because it barely ever is productive.

I do hope this is the beginning of a more historical approach to CS and its history.

@hugoestr I had the fortune to talk with Daniel at the conference, he's a great guy. And yes, we people tend to take for granted some notions, without questioning them. We should do it more often.

@mdallastella @hugoestr I can not believe I only learn this today!
Thanks so much for sharing this great piece of history.

@mdallastella I am currently preparing a talk on the actor model paper. While doing this I ran into the mathematical foundations of OOP. Today we often see people talking of OOP as the opposite of functional programming, which has a foundation in math. But they both do.

@hugoestr @mdallastella Do you have any resources about the mathematical foundations of OOP?

@TheAspiringHacker @mdallastella this is the paper I am reading. The paper talks about how actors are inspired by smalltalk. And many of what the authors talk about actors apply to objects. Sadly the reference to Kay is “private communication” :)

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