Hi, sorry for the downtime. Disk space problems...

It's amazing how a small instance like can fill up 200GB of space...

@mdallastella Are you periodically clearing out remote media? `RAILS_ENV=production ./bin/tootctl media remove --days=7` may be able to clear a lot of that up.

@nolan It was set on 14 days, it probably it's too much for my little server.

@mdallastella You could also consider removing old toots (+6 months) from other instances that nobody here interacted with (no share, no favorite, no reply).

@Feufochmar Can you point me to a guide/gist/whatever to do this?


@mdallastella I saw other admins talking about this a few weeks ago, though unfortunately I didn't remember seeing a link for a guide on how to do this.

I looked at the issues on mastodon, and there are some issues opened on the subject. There is a recent pull request not merged yet about adding a command in tootctl :

And a link to this gist in the comments:

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