@mdallastella It's kind of fun for me to see you use Java stuff because I avoid it!

Why aren't you using Lein or Boot? Any specific reason?
How does deps.edn thingie work? is it cool enough?

(Sorry for if they are too much questions...)

@ekaitz_zarraga I try to avoid Java stuff too, but it was hard not to use BigInteger for bitboards.

Deps.edn is just the fastest way to set up a project and it's easier than lein/boot for me and it's already bundled with Clojure.

@mdallastella Yeah, I started looking at it because of this conversation and it looks nice.
The problem I have with all this things is I never learn all the options they allow and they end up being a big file of things I don't understand :)
I think deps.edn is not going to solve this issue haha

What about using Clojure's biginteger and bit functions on top? Did you considered that?

I find deps.edn simpler because of that, no obscure "conventional" configuration, you just update it when you need it. I started to use shadow-cljs too, which uses an edn file too, so I don't need to mix clj/cljs configurations.

Iirc, the core bit-* functions doesn't work with bigintegers...

@mdallastella Oh I see!

Yeah, just checked the bit-* stuff. You are right. (do they have any sense then?)

@ekaitz_zarraga well, I used bit-* for a binary parser I implemented a couple of months ago for X.509 certificates.


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