Les Animaux Tels Qu'ils Sont by Robert Lambry from 1959 is a series of lessons on how to draw animals with geometric shapes

I like the cat and elephant sketches the most for some reason



I love how Best Practices in computer security has, ever so gently yet inevitably, slowly drifted over the decades from "obviously don't share secrets with anyone or you lose" to "absolutely share your most intimate secrets with a trusted giant corporate friend, Big Friend Company loves you and knows your security much better than you do".

It is a very interesting case study in how to change the minds of very smart people who I would have thought would have known better. And yet here we are.

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Mate am morgen vertreibt Kummer und Sorgen.

My graphic designer buddy sent me this sign, and I hate it.

#UI #UX : For inspiration, a site that brings together interfaces on more than 160 themes such as registration, product list, payment, FAQs, etc.

Viele Flüsse in Baden-Württemberg führen deutlich zu wenig Wasser

Nach mehreren Jahren mit zu wenig Regen sind die Wasserstände vieler Flüsse im Land auf kritische Werte gesunken. Einige Landratsämter warnen bereits vor unnötigem Wasserverbrauch.


Over 50000 edible plant species grow on planet Earth.

Humans generally only eat about 100 of them.

Most people seldom eat any vegetables which aren't solanums, brassicas, legumes, alliums, or curcubitas.

I just remembered this band did a music video like one of those Magic-Eye posters


#UX #Mobile
"Accordion Icons: Which Signifiers Work Best?" by @NNgroup@twitter.com
TLDNR: the caret works best but we should avoid split button since people tend to tap on both the label and the caret and expect the same action

Pretty sure my players in the Fate Core game I'm running are going to either destroy the Earth, raise Hitler from the dead or possible make him a Lich, or both on Friday. They're the good guys but they're so bad at it!

What I'm excited about is the genre shift if they destroy the Earth. That contingency will result in a fractured planet held at the point of complete collapse by magic and will drastically change the direction of everything. Add in undead Nazis and we have something really special.

Tabletop gaming is so much better than any video game. #tabletop

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