Give a man a beer, and he entertains you. Hold a man's beer, and he entertains the world. #Showerthoughts

still thinking about a wikipedia in the blockchain. maybe with or .what does the think about it.

do the world a favor and get your friends back on xmpp

i hate the time shifting. i need normal time no summer time. My circadian rythem is totally wrecked :(

Oh my goodness I've just learned a thing about The Matrix that causes it to make a lot more sense: In the original script the humans were used as neural network compute clusters by the Machines and as a crucial component of The Matrix itself.

Which is why humans who were aware of the simulation could control aspects of The Matrix - their minds were part of its foundation.

Unfortunately the test audiences had trouble understanding this concept so the studio changed the human role to "batteries".

There are more atoms in the universe than there are stars in the sun #ScienceFacts

We want computer programs, not computer software. And certainly not apps.

We used to make websites because it was fun but at some point, we lost the way.
We need to make dumb shit! Make useless stuff; make the web fun again!

Damn i have that idea of writing a decentralized version of wikipedia. I guess that.would be awesome. With some kind of technology maybe.

Ach mist. Wollte gerade was bei Wikipedia schauen, aber geht ja nicht.


the "x" in LaCroix is there for a reason so i'm going to fucking pronounce it ok?

Arctic now locked into devastating temperature rise, UN report says

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