today: "The file name of the script must correspond to the path where you mount the volume" <- ????

fuck this I'll just use fstab

I am broke af right now and I use an older computer with limited resources.

Please keep people like me in mind when you're developing apps, software, websites, etc.

I learned something pretty cool today. You ever heard a song on a YouTube video that was electronic music? It might have been Monstercat. Monstercat has terms where YouTubers who make money via advertisement must pay them $5 a month in order to use them in monetized videos, but unmonetized videos can use them for free. However, their page only lists certain platforms they have deals for like YouTube and Twitch.

Due to how PeerTube is decentralized and doesn't do ad revenue, I was worried about whether or not I could use their songs in a video without risking an entire instance. So, I sent a support request, and they confirmed that it would be fine if people use their songs on PeerTube as long as the Monsercat, the artist, and the song all get proper credit!

So if you're looking to publish on PeerTube and need background music, Monstercat has your back.

If you were looking for some #OSINT guide, here is one by @tenacioustek to get you started

Why do people insist using discord over IRC?

introducing the worlds smallest mobile solar powered #gopher #tilde site with just 267 active users. solar battery is swapped out every 16 hours. proxy access at #new #introductions

it isn't that bad of a workflow in after using it with for a while. if you keep in mind when the compiler isn't complaining anymore the program simply runs

One who pays some attention to history will not be surprised if those who cry most loudly that we must smash and destroy are later found among the administrators of some new system of repression.
-- Noam Chomsky

#anarchism #quote #bot

Another Japanese word which I love is mucha, meaning reckless, absurd, or unreasonable. It's spelled 無茶, and the literal meaning is "no tea."

Which, as far as I'm concerned, is definitely reckless, absurd, and unreasonable.

Just started on chapter 5 of The Little Typer. Not loving that pi has cons and :: but I also don't have any better idea. Well, maybe lcons for :: but that's not great either.

However, all this talk of rugbrød has me wanting to feed my sourdough to make some Roggenbrot tomorrow! 😋

Cc @d_christiansen

ok playing around with now i'm struggling if i like with it's interactivity more or with it's type safety

Why is maths notation so inconsistent? So you have on one hand sin^2 x which means (sin(x))^2 but on the other hand you can write sin^-1(x) which means asin(x)

damit i need to use twtxt more often :/ it was awesome idea.

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