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Conclusion, it was kinda average. Definitely better than crisps, which I don't like, but the spices were pretty mild.

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So I was reading up on the Black Death, as one does, and I came across this funny quote from Wikipedia about Raimundo Chalmel de Vinario who wrote a treatise on the effects of the different waves of the epidemic, noting that each wave was becoming less deadly:

By the 1380s in Europe, it predominantly affected children.[122] Chalmel de Vinario recognized that bloodletting was ineffective (though he continued to prescribe bleeding for members of the Roman Curia, whom he disliked)

@loke So the key innovation is running on smart contracts to avoid a single central middleman, except it's actually running on a single central middleman's server not even using a blockchain?


A Grab competitor on "web3". Yeah, it's as you would have expected, the relevant quote:

But because they are constantly tweaking features and functionality, Sheikh admits that most of the time operations are actually running on a back-end server that mimics the processing the blockchain is supposed to do.

Singapore has a few beaches. They tend to be quite dirty because of the closeness to the industrial areas in Johor, but it's still a nice place place to relax when out biking.

shout-out to food. i don't know how i'd get through the day without it

By searching on GitHub, I found 284 Go repositories with the keyword - codegen. gqlgen has 8k stars, which means it is popular. Lex/Yacc is also very popular in the C community. People will need new syntactic constructions, and Golang can't prevent them from adding new constructions.

Lisp-style macro is a good idea because people will need it, as mentioned above, and learning, writing, and debugging Lisp macro is more convenient than working on yet another codegen.

Unix legend Brian Kernighan, who is the "k" in "awk" and is 80 years old, keeps fixing things. He has added Unicode support to awk, but he couldn't figure out how use git, so he just emailed his changes to the current maintainer

What's your least favourite month of the year?

There appears to be an effort to make trick people who is trying to learn about the Fediverse into the bad (and mostly blocked by the main instances) by creating content that talks about the Fediverse but only mentions the peach instances. I've already lost the link to that site that was shared here some time ago, and I don't feel like looking at it again.

More recently I found fediverse dot wiki (not linking directly do it) that seems part of the same effort.

Are there more?

@nivex @noIPv6 just called Mozilla out on their broken support for IPv6 for accessing addons!
RT @noIPv6
hey @mozilla @firefox, what’s w/ this 5 year old bug that basically says “we’re okay with not everyone having reliable access to addons”? 🤨

“aws doesn’t support ipv6” hasn’t been a terribly relatable excuse for a while now 🙄

#ipv6 #wtf

A bit of good news from Singapore. I know there are a lot of people here that will appreciate this.

Despite the emphasis on the marriage thing in the article (which is to pander to the religious groups), the fact that this kind of discrimination is being removed is a good thing.

Are there any snake experts here? I saw this in a tree while biking. Is there anyone that knows what species this is?

Today's report on cars parked on the same floor I'm parked in the office.

BMW, Mercedes, BMW, BMW, BMW, Mercedes, Kia, Porsche, Mercedes, Kia, Lexus, Mercedes, Lexus, Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, Porsche, BMW

Guess what I'm driving?

Also note this is in the place which it's likely to the most expensive place in the world to buy a car.

Are there any Pharo experts around here?

My question is: Does Pharo have a rich text component these days?.

Here's some background explaining what I want to do:

A few years ago I wanted to learn Pharo better, so I wanted to write a Mastodon client.

For about a day or so, things progressed to the point where I had created a nice API to load and work with messages and I started writing the UI.

That's when it dawned on me that there seemed to be no rich text component I could use to render the Mastodon messages. I'm OK with parsing the simple HTML into some other form (that's what I did when rendering Mastodon messages in CLIM), but I couldn't find any component I could use for this purpose.

As a related question: Is there a HTML component? When I was looking earlier all I could find was a function that opened a separate browser outside the of the Pharo environment. Ideally a browser component that can be placed inside a Pharo window would be ideal.

So, checking the thread about a project euler problem, and people post their 20-line solutions (or even longer) in Python or whatnot.

What is the best word to describe the action of posting a single-line solution is cases like this?

The particular case was problem 4, and my solution was:

⌈/ (≡∘⌽⍕)¨⍛⫽⍨ ,×⌺⍨ ⍳1000

I guess "smug" or "boss move" could both apply. I guess I should say sorry.

Elden Ring help needed

I'm over level 200 and have spent days trying to beat the Elden Beast.

No matter what I do, I can't make a debt in him. Someone suggested using pest threads, and I respeced to raise my faith pretty high, but I still make very little damage, and after it starts flying around I can't seem to get any hits in at all.

The best I've done is bringing the health down by about 30% and all of that damage was done in the first few seconds of the fight.

I'm clearly missing something. What's the secret to beating this one?

Oh, and radagon is child's play and I beat him in a few seconds using that big sword that shoots fire.

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