@sixohsix there is no way that work is according to regulation though. They are not wearing safety harnesses. Or they are wearing them but it's not hooked in.

@craigtimpany @jalefkowit carrier landings use arrestor wires and for takeoff they need catapults. That's not something you'd use on a road runway, so it's not really similar.

gadgets, e-waste, and consumerism 

@Sandra wow. That's absolutely tiny. The Steam deck seems to be of better dimensions

@atoponce seriously though. Good luck and you're definitely better than me (I wouldn't be able to finish at all)

@atoponce I don't know much about running but apparently if you're above 2 hours there is still room to improve. 😁

Spoilers for Return to Monkey Island 

@Sandra I had no idea. Now I want to see one for real. I thought the screen was the size of a small tablet.

@thamesynne where was that? On the distribution's bug tracker? If so, then why are they even making a 32 bit version?

Spoilers for Return to Monkey Island 

@Sandra I don't have a switch, but isn't it like a tablet? Why is a bad fit for it?

Spoilers for Return to Monkey Island 

@Sandra I've only unanswered one trivia question so far, and I got it wrong. So there's no chance for me to get that trophy I guess.

@aster there was a multitasking extension (providing a lot of Unix compatibility) to Atari TOS that was called MiNT (MiNT is not TOS).

Later Atari bought it and made it the official multitasking system and it was renamed MiNT is now TOS.

@thamesynne doesn't strace show the return value of mmap? If it flailed it should return NULL.

@thamesynne not properly checking error codes is something software has gotten worse and worse about over the years.

In this particular case, why did it fail?

@jalefkowit those stretches of road are not improvised though. They are reinforced, since regular pavement is not strong enough.

The Swedish defence is built around this concept, with the primary air bases having secondary runways that are also roads and I as far as I understand Finland does the same.

@Stellar I mean, this looks like the Stockholm underground, and one of the end stations is this one. Use this information for what you wish. I mean, are there sluts there? I don't know. I'm not sure I want to know.


@Stellar Well, it could also be that I guess. This is in Sweden after all.

@Stellar If anyone is unaware, this means "end station" in Swedish. It's the final station on the train line.

@welshpixie @inmysocks Yeah, I can hear that in the last y in ydy.

I'd like to find a longer video in welsh subtitled in both welsh and english. I am going to have a look on youtube.

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