No Man's Sky, Expedition 3 

@maxeddy @annika sounds fun. should I restart from the beginning again? last time I played, probably a year ago I got to the multiplayer hub. In other words a few hours of play, perhaps 10.

@neikocat Tumbling? It's still worth bloody 40k. Let me know when it's at the value it deserves.

Solving Advent of Code problems using KAP. Just solved day 5, and in this case the solution is pretty much identical to what it would like like in APL.

Isn't the code pretty?

{1+⍵[¯2 ⍳⍨ 2-/⍵]} (⊂∘⍋⌷⊢) {2⊥⍵∊"BR"}¨ io:read file

@monorail Then I don't know it. I may have heard it, but I rarely listen to lyrics.

@ben I think Transformers on the C64 would satisfy you.

Now, when transformed to a car, you're so fast that it's completely unplayable. Also, it's a platformer so you can bare travel more than a screenful before hitting an obstacle.

@GeoffWozniak @y0x3y Pihole also cannot block all ads, as it can only work on the DNS level. Other annoynances are not dealt with unless you have a browser-level adblocker.

I've never used patreon, but today I started contributing for the first time. This is incredibly worthwhile: It supporting the most prolific developer of SBCL.

@mike You have trains in view of your office.

I have roads and more buildings.

NFT, confused rambling 

@koakuma well in the copyright situation you have the government helping you enforce it. NFT's don't have that so what is left? I guess only a fancy version of a paper that no one cares about.

@Stoori worse is when kids get chromebooks and the device control prevents them from installing ublock origin.

“why isn’t the government covering that?” is what i think when i read stories like these, yes.

re: Spoilers 

@dredmorbius @alexandra Security is really the only thing that makes NFS difficult. You need to set up Kerberos. On top of that,when enabling security I've had some annoying compatibility problems between various systems, such as Ubuntu to FreeBSD where you just get random errors trying to mount.

I hate to say it, but for a secure network filesystem on Linux, SMB is probably a lot easier to manage.

@tomasino @rysiek I'm more concerned with this part:

What if the object you give the function is uninitialized at some point, undefined? Then it will crash.

You're calling a method on an uninitialised object? That sure sounds like a bug and I want the code to crash.

This sounds like the classic ON ERROR RESUME NEXT that was popular among MS Basic programmers who didn't want to fix their bugs.

@deathtoamerica I was wondering at first how come there a librarians who don't vaccinate?

@sohkamyung @penguin42 @btcprox wow, OK if that isn't very Singapore, I don't know what is. 😃

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