Keeping that fur clean isn't easy. Lots of licking is needed.

COVID statistics 

If you hear anyone say "the vaccine doesn't work, you can still get COVID", then show them this graph.

You might still get COVID, but you are much more likely to not have any serious effects.

The graph was snipped from the latest Singapore COVID situation update:

Thanks for for finding this.

I'm glad to see there is hope for the kids.

A post by @smallsees reminded me of this thing. Are you old enough to remember this thing?

Comment from the original post:

Of course there are Americans who speak a full language, but the education system in places like Alabama brings the average down quite a bit.

The durian tree outside the house provided us with a treasure.

it's the small things in life that brings joy.

I don't usually write tests for my code, but for some projects (like a programming language) it's needed.

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