MS Teams only works fully with Chrome. It doesn't even work correctly with Chromium. Thanks Microsoft.

@KayFaraday It's really odd. Screensharing doesn't work at all with Firefox. On Chromium I can share the screen, but I can't see other's sharing.

Only with Chrome was I able to get everything to work.

@KayFaraday Indeed, and that's why I discovered this.

However, the standalone application was terrible too. You couldn't use it to share individual windows, only the entire screen. Individual window sharing works fine in Chrome.

@loke really makes me wonder what the difference here is between chrome and chromium

@KayFaraday Me too. It's certainly not in MS's interest to keep such a berhaviour, so I'd have to assume it's a bug. But how it could happen, I have no idea

@loke @KayFaraday I was able to do screen sharing both ways with the Flathub build of Chromium as late as Friday, though I guess things can always get worse.

@loke To balance things out, Google Meet also only works in Chrome reliably and not in Chromium.

@schaueho I have a separate Qubes container for Teams specifically which now has Chrome installed. That way its nonsense is isolated.

I'd like to set up the firewall such that it can only talk to the Teams server as well as the corporate identity server, but it seems difficult to find out exactly what hosts those are.

@schaueho @loke but at least Meet works in Firefox... Teams just throws up an unsupported browser error.

@loke I've been using it in Chromium and it seems fine? I'll give it a thorough run-through today to verify.

At least putting the Teams app out of its misery means I could switch to Wayland (yay for proper HiDPl support!). Depending on whether I can solve my keyboard problems.

@jens @loke weird, whenever I try, it starts but the window is invisible. What DE are you using? I've only tried Gnome/Wayland

@tfb @loke Same. Upgraded my Ubuntu box a while ago, and it switcherood to Wayland. Stuff still works just fine, though. I didn't dig deeper, to be honest.

@loke I use Edge for it. It half works (text no video) in Firefox.

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