I love that they've made Jim just the most generic looking dude.

I don't know this actor, but he is not distinctive in any meaningful fashion.


I agree with Pike's methodology so much more than Kirk's?


Like, everything about how Pike is handling this episode is better than what Jim did in the same situation, based on the information he had.

re: ST:SNW 

@ajroach42 That is true, but I also think that they represented Kirk in a pretty god way. That is to say that he behaves in a way that I'd expect Kirk to do.

re: ST:SNW 

@loke Oh sure.

Their characterization of Kirk was excellent. The bit with the mining ships was inspired.

But Pike's assessment of the situation was generous and compassionate and reasonable, and his argument represented the federation's values.

Kirk's behavior in the original balance of terror was not grounded in the values of the federation, and was probably the *wrong* behavior in every measure other than that it was successful.

Neither Kirk nor Pike had ever encountered Romulans. Pike's instinct was to treat them humanely.

Kirk's instinct was to Win first, no matter the cost.

Given those options, and the information available, Pike's was the better decision.


re: ST:SNW 

@ajroach42 Yeah, I think if Kirk had failed in that episode, he'd have been summarily dismissed and never be allowed to serve on a starship again. I'd expect that to happen to people who break regulations and start wars. 🙂

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