That drive will be around 4.5K in gas alone, oof

@Sir_Boops Should I count myself lucky that I'm in a country where an around the country road trip takes roughly 2 hours?

@Sir_Boops I got myself an EV. Never any need to worry about running out of charge.

@Sir_Boops Indeed. I need to drive out of the country if I want to drive in a straight line. 🙂

@loke Wait I read that wrong,

Really? zero straight roads?

@randName @Sir_Boops OK, that's fair. It's not really a road one finds oneself on though. Unless you're on a bicycle and trying to go for the Strava record 🙂

@Sir_Boops To some extent, yes.

I was referring to the fact that everything is on a smaller scale here. Expressways are just like expressways in other countries, just that there are entries and exits constantly, so there is always things happening on the road. Driving here is not a particularly relaxing affair.

@loke Nah, it's a sight seeing trip so the point is to, well, see shit

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