Mastodon, why is it so hard to find the place to click if you want to expand a thread from a post which has nothing but a picture?

@loke I usually select "Expand this post" on the "..." option for the post.

@loke I always click on the date, top right. (in browser, on desktop)

contains CSS code snippets, longish post (almost 900 chars) 

@loke you could ask your instance admins to add something like the following #CSS snippet which would add a small whitespace top margin to the image if it's preceded by an empty status text:

.status__content__text:empty + .media-gallery {
margin-top: 1em;

or alternatively if you want to give it a different background color:

.status__content__text:empty + .media-gallery:before {
height: 1em;
display: block;
content: ' ';
background-color: black;

(or add it yourself using a #UserStyle browser extension such as #Stylus)

Though I wish people would just accompany their media with text, not just because of this issue, but also because adding a description of why the image was shared (not just describing the image itself in an alt-text) improves #accessibility quite a bit imho.

#a11y #AccessibilityTips

@Aleums @Gargron @loke took me a minute to figure this out as well, but yeah, just right under the avi

@Aleums @Gargron @loke
wild, i thought the only thing you could do is click the ... and then "expand post"

@Gargron FYI, the whole "expand toot" mechanic is problematic.

At the bottom of each toot is a kebab menu. I often use this.

Also the timestamp.

Clicking on touch-based devices ... sucks. Registration is very imprecise, and there's the click-vs-drag ambiguity, especially with dodgey / dirty screens, styluses (I use a capacitive stylus most of the time), fingers, etc. I'm constantly clicking where I want to scroll, scrolling where I want to click, and don't even get me started on "pull to refresh".

Where toots are CW'd, ANY misregistration of an "expand toot" click navigates off-page. Here the problem is both CWs and what's clickbable as expand toot. Endless frustration.


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