It's pretty amusing that a big part of Matt Parker's legacy is having "Parker" being synonymous with being "almost correct" or a "near miss" (with big help from Brady Haran), to the point of being referenced in an actual maths preprint

@btcprox I'm reading the paper now, and I'm wondering if this is intentional. From page 2:

The Theorem follows immediately man.

@loke like an Uno Reverse to "the proof is trivial"

Imagine saying that to a panel during a thesis defence


@btcprox I don't usually read maths papers. Is things like this common?

It follows (we think?) that
K is a subring of the ring of integers of some cyclotomic field extension of the
rationals. That sounds useful but we weren’t able to do anything with it.

@loke I think the author is an exception as an independent researcher (apparently?):

@btcprox Oh I see. So that's why the paper was so readable. They haven't learnt to to speak obscure yet.

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