This is what's doing the heavy lifting here, using a Raspberry Pi as intermediary...

#cpm #retrocomputing

This one might be the most fun of all. Z80 CP/M running in a window at just over 18Mhz on Amiga Workbench.

Unfortunately, this one doesn't photograph as easily, but it's quite usable.

#Amiga #z80 #cpm #retrocomputing

@loke Probably not.

This is Z80 CP/M running on a Z180.

Look through the thread and you'll see what it's actually running on in the back end.

@paradroyd Thanks. I should have read the post more meticulously.

@paradroyd @loke DRI did release a version of CP/M for the 68000. I'm not sure if available source code is complete enough to rebuild it though. At any rate, it's really limited compared to its successor, GEMDOS.

If you're looking for a native 68K OS, and desire a CP/M or DOS-like user experience, I'd recommend using GEMDOS instead, which nowadays you can find a clone for the EmuTOS project.

@vertigo @paradroyd Well, I was very much into the Atari ST, and our old demo group is still active, even though I haven't done any programming on it in a while.

I'm just always curious about other M68k operating systems. After all, the M68k is the nicest CPU architecture to develop for.

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