@SDF @bsdtv I don't quite understand the reasoning behind creating a home page on Facebook. Does FB provide some added benefits that makes the hassle worth it?

The only thing I can think is that you get a comments section free, but surely that can't be all? Do they give you some analytics? Or can you make money by having ads on your page?

@loke @bsdtv we'd like to at least see a picture of the AT&T 605 terminal and that it arrived safely for the NYC*BUG event.

@loke @SDF No money. FB page was started years ago and we only post info there that can be found just as easily on our own page: and through twitter/ Just a tool for getting the word out, and hardly our primary one. BSDNow also has added us to their BSD Bits segment. If you run a *BUG, I HIGHLY recommend getting in contact with them. Be well.

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