If anyone with Unix skills (and preferably some development skills as well, but not really a requirement) wants a job, my employer has some openings right here in Singapore. You don't need to live in Singapore to apply.

In case anyone is interested, please let me know and I'll explain more detail what the position is about.

Please note that even though you can apply from anywhere, the position is in Singapore so you would have to be willing to move.

@loke Hi. What sort of development skills do you guys need?

@vease Not much. Shellscript of course, and basic understanding of development. It's not a development position. It's closer to system administration, although it's about administering complex software applications which run on Linux and various major SQL databases

@loke is the IT skills shortage getting worse in SG in the past 5 years? Just curious...

@dimpase Well, I'm not sure it's gotten worse. I think just like a lot of places, there's always a shortage.

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