Isn't your requirement can fulfilled by blocking domain name with hostname file?

Or with Pi-hole ?

@lesbianhacker @loke

The pi-hole basically implements that. It's more fun to do it yourself though.


I just check it's all similar.

I like customisation solution like DNS server than standalone like pi hole.

I am using host file to filter out on my mobile and desktop.

Like to hear how much your suggestion of own dns server can be advantage to host file filter ?

@loke @lesbianhacker

Well, if you have more than one device, manually managing a hosts file is annoying.

Also, there are devices that doesn't allow you to edit them.

That's good logic.

I get the point.

In order to add host file on Android need rooting.

Updating host file requires same effort to update list on DNS server? Except it's once we have to update on dns server.

Could you a point to basic tutorial for dns server ? I'd like to try on with either virtual box or Beagle bone black (sbc).

Appreciate your explaination

@loke @lesbianhacker
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