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my mind every 5 minutes: γ‚©Ρ‘1ヲaТСし9LфへЙАさざщЯ5Π»jΠ₯ぁямi8γƒœγ‚ΌγƒΆγ‚±Q

Got suspended from Twitter today for a week for stating that I wanted to strangle #BillGates with my own bare hands.

I should receive an award for this not a suspension. It's not like a called for a bullet between his eyes-- although that would be great! We should start a bounty reward for this.

#nwo #coronavirus #hoax #plandemic #covid19

🌿 The Shaman Monkey 🌿 also has to stay at home. He's making the best out of this situation by sharing his wisdom and experiences via video chat. #art #illustration #mastoart

There is an awful lot of shitposting on fedi today

It's kinda hard to brain when you know you need to brain something really hard, but your brain is thinking how to make a Cartesian product in Rust -- which is completely unrelated to the thing you need to brain.

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