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It is this whole "jumping into conclusions" that's pissing me off.

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Remember when I said people were jumping into calling Ashley Williams then problem with moderation vs core teams?

I stepped back from the computer and the local Rust group were digging everything Ashley said in the past to point the issue into her.

I understand that whatever she said in the past is ugly (some things pretty damn ugly) but nobody knows what's going on.

But hey, the whole group (composed mostly by cis men) already jumped into the conclusion that she's the culprit.

... which, as ugly as she said in the past, just proves she was right.

Every language have problems. The thing with Rust is worrisome, but I have a feeling the Foundation can push forward to find a solution for all this.

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"You must be bananas to use Rust now."

Yeah, and go never actually went open-source and constantly have bad ideas on how "break compatibility" actually is (not to mention, it works fine if you Google, and only there).

And Python had Guido jump out and the steering council seems focused on what only will make them "different" from previous version.

And C is dead in the water, basically.

And C++ became an esoteric language in 2017.

And Java is stuck in time, no matter how many versions Oracle tries to push.

And JavaScript is basically whatever Google says, no matter what.

So what are you going to use? Scala, which is full of toxic people? Haskell? Zim?

When searching for "rust", you must be aware if you're looking for the oxidation thingy, the movie, the game or the language.

Not saying that Ashley is pure at heart and everybody framing her is an asshole, but the problem is that, without further information, it is all that: just framing.

There is nothing saying Ashley did something wrong (maybe she did), but jumping into conclusions just make things worse.

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It is kinda sad that people are trying to make it seem like Ashley Williams is the cause of the problems in the Mod team.

On the other hand, I'm really pushing myself to write meaningful docstrings for this project and now it actually looks like code I've written.

Can someone inside the Core Rust Team/Rust Moderation Team come forward and explain the whole problem to us?

Upsetting Secret Knowledge:

From that, we can extrapolate the following fact: Waluigi and Xenomorphs canonically exist in the same universe.

That way, there would be no difference between a sync and async code, except the initialization of the runtime.

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You know what would be cool?

If you get an async Rust library and don't start a Runtime, using .await would actually block the call and run things synchronously.

Basically, everybody is going to the dark side of programming: "Quicker, easier, more seductive."

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That's why I keep asking myself why I try to help people, if they always chose the fast, not-quite-right path every time.

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Other person: "How can I capture all the exceptions?"

Me: Long explanation on why capturing all exceptions is bad unless you have a good logging/alert system to point when something goes wrong and, in that case, one could capture just "Exception". Also, pointing out that, by the stacktrace, it seems the exception was raised 'cause they tried to unpack an empty string from JSON and they could just check the results before doing anything else.

OP: "So I just add Exception to my list, right?"


I saw the "International Men's Day" on Birdsite and the first results were actually nice, with things like "You can be still a man and cry" and so on.

But then it derailed to "you talk mothers, but it is the father that holds the family" and other bullshit.

Nvm, it installed the new F35 repo, it just didn't remove the F34.

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Info: (pinned) org.fedoraproject.Platform//f34 is end-of-life, with reason:
Fedora 34 runtime is no longer supported.
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Apparently, my system was updated to Fedora 35, but the Flatpak repos wasn't.

So, for now, no circuit breaker or anything that every cool kid uses these days for microservices.

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