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But I did manage to gather enough strength to get out of bed.

... and the first thing I did was to hit my knee on the corner of my desk.

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And where is the strength to get out of bed this Friday?

Worf: People are always saying things to me.
Jadzia: Like what?
Worf: Anything. I hate it and it needs to stop.

Is there PostgreSQL for arm? I'm thinking about getting the AWS Always Free Tier, but it comes with managed Oracle database...

Bozo: "Comprem fuzis."

Também Bozo: "Só saio vitorioso ou morto."

Impressão minha ou tem uma mensagem sublimar nisso?

Was it the latest Firefox update or did Github changed its default font?

Happy moment of the day: When cargo check stops showing a bunch of errors and jumps to just warnings (that you're fully aware of).

Today I did something I haven't done in a long time: Spend almost the whole day playing Guild Wars 2.

"Zero-Trust [something] on Google Could

Sure. I have zero-trust on everything on Google Cloud...

It is cool that, on top of ActivityPub, we have (more than one) microblogging service, an image service, a blogging service and even a book review service.

But if someone wants to keep their digital footprint to themselves (self-host) while sharing along with the rest of the Fediverse, one needs to install 4 different services.

What I'm saying is that we don't need services; we need a single service with support for plugins in which each of first services are actually plugins.

For now, I'm thinking about getting the JSON responses, throw them at and convert to Flow format, so it is easier to point the differences. The problem is that I'd have to explain the Flow format beforehand.

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Basically, I need to write a "from other provider API to ours", but both sides have humongous response structures and it will be a pain to point out the differences.

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Came to the office to write a document 'cause I'm sure I won't be able to write it at my place due being constantly reminded that there is a distraction in the other side of the desk.

... and then I realized the document is a lot more complex that I first thought.

Huge points to me:

  • Native (GTK) client (no Electron);
  • Github login (not that great, but at least it will smooth the adoption curve)
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So we decided to give Element (nee Riot) a try for our department communication.

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