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"Friends" Reunion? I want "How I Met Your Mother" Reunion!

Holy cow.

I feel like I (in non-programming terms) destroyed all nuclear missiles in the planet, made a conference that will bring piece to the whole world and bake some tasty cookies, and it is not even 4pm yet.

E: Failed to fetch  File has unexpected size (77400 != 76123). Mirror sync in progress? [IP: 443]

Great. Just. Freaking. Great.

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Me: "Hahaha, why the heck is Github downloading the Ubuntu image from a Microsoft mirror?"

Then it hit me.

Almost getting into another discussion about the "unit" of "unit tests" again.

Hey, what about a Star Trek series about a scifi TV series in the making, at the time the whole Star Trek happens?

(E.g., a scifi series in the future. But Star Treky).

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There are 70 episodes of Star Trek being worked on currently, for different series.


Fastly’s network has built-in redundancies and automatic failover routing to ensure optimal performance and uptime

Hyeah, right.

We saw the same issue with Cloudflare last year.

Today is Fastly.

It is like the largest CDNs in the planet have no staged deployments, no monitoring, no warning threshold...

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I joke, but holy cow, how can a CDN have all nodes with issues?

Welcome to centralized Internet 🤷 A number of high profile websites are down right now, apparently due to a failure at Fastly (?)

#Reddit is down, so why not take a look at its Fediverse alternative @LemmyDev :lemmy:

The flagship instance is at


So upgraded to #Firefox 89 (from #Flathub), and I like it well enough so far, but I'm bothered that it seems to use DejaVu Sans for the UI elements rather than applying my system default (Cantarell). Anyone know how to change this?

Is there any tiling window managers for wayland that are not sway?

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