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Learning: Not changing anything unless there is a test touching it.

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One little mistake and a major screw up.

Sucks to be me, today.

Every time I'm starting to find a good design for my silly application, lunch break time is over.

Every. Freaking. Time.

work (-) 

Yay! 3 templates for "Password Reset"! Time to play "Which template is the right one" roulette!

Twitter Recommendations: 'Cause your block list is always too small.

... but then I realized I could fix my issue by properly setting the scope for it.

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Thinking about how to fix a borrow checker issue with my test Rust app, I thought about using a RefCell, and then...

β™ͺ Hello RefCell my old friend
I've come to borrow you again β™«

(... mostly 'cause I was used to start in desktop mode and then jump into application launch.)

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It is somewhat annoying that GNOME Shell 40 starts in "application launch mode" instead of going straight to the desktop.

Dammit, I really want to fix this shit today, but there is so much stuff going around, and the code is so "why is this thing done this way" that all I managed to do was make the code send an email with the correct URL in it.

being a dick with goog languages 

Facebook joined (along other, smaller companies) the Rust Foundation.

Microsoft became, officially, an sponsor of the Python Foundation.

How's the Golang Foundation going, by the way? Too many signups for reporting?

Just went I think "well, after yesterday chaos, today is going to be smooth", I get... EXTRA CHAOS!

... and I don't want to implement copy, 'cause that would break my whole idea.

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That moment when the borrow checker whacks your idea, and you understand why it is whacking your idea, but have no idea how to stop the whacking.

I have a slight feeling I'm re-inventing html2md, but fuck it.

The more episodes I watch, the more I think I should read the "Expanse" books.

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