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I bet this number of threads is what is getting MySQL killed by the OOM watcher...

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... and what am I doing?

Just resyncing Joplin over WebDAV... πŸ˜•β€‹

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Maybe not php-fpm per se, but it looks like NextCloud is pushing MySQL to have 20+ active connections/threads.

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You know, this is the kind of stuff that pushes me towards writing my own WebDAV server and drop NextCloud altogether...

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And it's all php-fpm fault!

(Well, it may be badly set up and it's fucking my Droplet, but holy cow, people!)

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41.9 0.0 86:15.39 kswapd0

What in Mighty's Fuck name?!?

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load average: 47.47, 43.95, 24.62

What in the fucketty fucketty fuck?

So Drew DeVault, in a recent post about people changing their primary git branch from "master" to "main," says, "I have still never seen even one first-hand take from a PoC, but I've seen enough second-hand accounts to at least reduce confidence in my position."

I just want to point out that I (conditionally a person of color, at the least, not-white) and other people of color have blocked Drew Devault, for a variety of reasons.

I blocked him because he reply-guyed me to say my unarmed relatives deserved to be shot at Wounded Knee because they weren't complying with the military's orders.

That he lumps himself in with "the left" in a preceding post should give other white leftists pause about those they allow to claim affiliation. His presence in a community, even through having his writing discussed within that community, makes it feel unsafe for me: here is someone who thinks it is okay to kill people like me if we don't listen to people like him. Once again, it is the establishment of "assimilate or be exterminated" as the acceptable standard of cultural exchange between whites and others, and it is only y'all white folk who can stop it.

Said it once, said it ten thousand times. decenter your whiteness.

I remember when reCaptcha was a project to help crowdsource digitizing books for places like the Gutenberg Project.

Good times.

It's a shame what happened.

Holy cow, I'm unable to be part of a productive society today.

... and, on top of everything, even if I'm talking about hexagonal architecture and layers, which are used in OO design, I don't plan on use an OO language.

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For one, it seems using UUIDs as primary keys (and identifiers, that is) is kinda a business rule, so it should go in the service layer.

On the other hand, because this is highly tied to the database, it seems it should go to the repository layer, even if no logic besides "how to store this" should be there.

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Context: For my next toy project, I'll use UUID as record primary key. Right now I'm wondering if I should generate said UUIDs in the service layer (before it goes to the database) or in the repository layer (straight on top of the database).

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Question: On an hexagonal architecture, the record ids should be generated in the service or repository layers?


Elon became a Covid denialist when Covid interfered with his business.

You don’t want a profits-over-facts person in charge of deciding when self-driving cars will be safe.


One personal peeve I have with Apple:

When you buy something in their store (either through the store itself or through some in-app purchase), the transaction on my credit card not usually happen in the same time.

This means that I get random "transaction approved form of $X" notifications when I'm not expecting and have no idea what it means.

Worse: The receipt for such thing is not sent in the same time as the purchase or when the operation was received by the credit card company.

Also, the fact that PyCharm keybinds are really weird (Shift+F9 starts debug, Ctrl+F2 stops, WHUT?!?) kinda pushed me to try somethign different.

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But why am I setting up VSCode?

'Cause this project requires some debugging (which I still have to fix, so we have information outside it to figure out where issues are), PyCharm usually takes too much memory and I never figured out how to enable debugging inside Vim.

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