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Instead of relying on Docker for "portability" have you ever considered just making your software actually portable?

Bollocks, I have Fugitive installed for a long time and didn't realized :Gdiff can do that!

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I want to use NeoVim to resolve cherry-pick conflicts (or any other Git-related conflicts).


  • 40% random tweets;
  • 30% posts from 5 years ago;
  • 20% posts about some product, not necessary "new";
  • 10% posts that are actually news.

Ok, I think I managed to make the silly stuff on the prompt work without destroying Starship...

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I like Bash.

I like that Bash is GPL.

I don't like that I keep losing history when I open multiple instances of Bash.

I don't like that, to fix that, I need to put silly stuff on my... prompt!

Heck, post office marked my RustConf swag as "delivered", but there was noone at home. πŸ˜Ÿβ€‹

From time to time, I remember this toot from @codl :

"only 90s kids remember when recaptcha was helping project gutenberg transcribe old books instead of feeding the google machine learning beast so they can make cars"

Actually, I remember that every freaking time I need to select buses, or traffic signs, or sidewalks, or hydrants.

My RustConf swag is finally going to be delivered!

But I’m not WFH, so I hope they leave a some sort of receipt so I can get it tomorrow on the way to work.

There's a fucking railway station in Japan that has no entrances. You can visit it only by exiting train and it usage is admiring nature.

Fuck, there was another plugin in Vim-Polyglot that changed the way Python files are shown.

Gah, I just suck at

  1. Having the solution for a problem;
  2. Not having the resources to do so (e.g., the only login I have in the system doesn't have the properties I need).

When that happens, I get stuck and can't start any other tasks.

Ok, it seems doing apt upgrade and rebooting the Droplet made it back to life (well, it should).

Fortunately, this time Joplin managed to capture some data, and now it is getting new stuff instead of starting over.

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