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Crazy thing is, this was pretty much AT&T's business model for Unix.


Ok, I know it's Friday and it's past 16:30 (well, almost), but heck, that's no time for not being able to brain anymore...

"if people have to use their real names they won't be racist online" says a white techbro, his brain so engorged it needs a second chair, completely ignoring that people have been racist under their real names with zero consequences since 1492

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Yay, my Windows box got upgraded with the new, bullshittier version of Edge!

(Mentioning this 'cause "Measure of Man" dialogs started popping in my head: "Why am I sentient?")

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Ok, so to reduce my expenses in entertainment, I cancelled Spotify and Netflix and I'm going to stay with Prime only.

... but I'll surely miss watching "TNG" whenever I liked. :(

Mes réunions au taf' à peu près toutes les semaines...

Shout-out to the folks who keep your Mastodon servers up and running.

I may not like Eclipse, but it does a better job in organizing imports than IntelliJ.

The sun is round, Mercury is round, Venus is round, Earth is flat, Mars is round, ...


things about Brazil that I appreciate better with perspective:

- free, quality college education (not even any supplementary tariffs like Germany's "social contribution")

- the free healthcare system is much better than its rep, me and my family have relied on it for generations

- how simple it is to get an STD test, no doctor's indication or complex appointments. that you can just grab some free condoms and sex education leaflets in educational institutions, clinics, during Carnaval etc.

The dynamic I'm subjected to doesn't become less toxic just because I can take it.

-- A nameless genius

#adversity #bullshit #toxicity #BullshitThatMustDie

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