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Yes, yes, I have a lot of work to do, but holy heck, I'm bored as fuck!

(Jokingly) With all the services doing home delivery and people working from home... we are going to get seriously spoiled when this thing is over, aren't we?

Ugh, GoodReader has a new EULA. Section 2: Licensormay collect and use some information about you … including but not limited to Google Firebase and Google Analytics.

Manage to make a few changes on my Toot downloader thingy that will help me gather the links I collect every day.

Soon, "Daily Links" will return.

Brazilian president accuses media of "fear-mongering" in speech downplaying threat of coronavirus to the country

Hey, where's the "Favourites" link in

(I'm actually kidding, although I think this would be the perfect time to get the damn cat I keep thinking about getting.)

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If you keep thinking about getting a pet, this social isolation thing may be the right time for it!

I want this virus problem to end (in happy terms) so I can have my vegan pizza back :(

Mastodon always 'charges' you 23 characters for every URL you post. It doesn't matter if it is longer or shorter.
There is NO excuse for using URL shorteners which obfuscate your destination if you click - these usually go to fb or twitter, so I Never click them on purpose. They make my browser and I feel dirty.
Please tell your friends.

I have one uncle that lives in Portugual, but keeps sending messages telling Brazilians to get back to the streets to not put the economy in a recession.

It seems it is easier to worry about the economy of one country while living an Atlantic Ocean away.

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I have one aunt that lives in Brazil but keeps sending messages about "Protecting people in Italy" (basically, saying we, Brazilians, should do our part to save Italians) and while I have nothing about Italians and I do hope they can get over the virus soon, she should be worried about protecting Brazilians first, IMHO.

sapiosexual eh? [ straightens enormous lapels ] maybe you just haven't met the right idiot

Tact is the ability to tell a man he has an open mind when he has a
hole in his head.
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