Also also, not going to do that, rustc; I'm going to change my thingy to usize, 'cause, you know, it makes more sense like that then u16.

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@faho Holy cow, I haven't heard their version of Shout, but my first impression of it is "So that's what ASMR is!"

@faho ALSO ALSO, if you feel this is tiring, try listening to "up beat" versions of "sad" songs, like "Under Pressure".

(There is a Social Club version of it that I absolutely hate; the song is pretty damn "angryful", but the upbeat version is like "Hey, I love that everybody is getting fucked!")

@faho Also, I get where you're going, but then you have things like Disturbed doing "Sound of Silence", which kinda feels stripped down and emotional, but at the same time it is somewhat better than the original.

@faho Classic "Like a Version" was pretty damn good.

(Dunno how things are going these days.)

If a compiler showed this in a uni class, it would be considered cheating.

And I was thinking about multi-lingual support, so one could set they default language, but they could also provide translations of it, which would show as cards under the current one.

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For example, if you re-draft a toot, the original one will be still available as a card under the current one.

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I keep thinking about the interface of my non-existent-but-maybe-someday-who-knows ActivityPub server and I keep seeing cards over cards.

So it turns out fish 3.4 will be somewhere between 4% and 10% faster than 3.3.1 almost across the board, plus some egregious parts like math (20%), with glibc and comma-using locales (40%), and globs (100%).

(math is whatever hyperfine says -1 times 100, my brain is incapable of computation atm)

(#fishshell, even tho hashtags make me feel dirty)

My book is FREE on amazon from Now until Thursday.

Reminder that downloading this boosts my exposure by pushing me up the rankings :)

We all hate amazon, so, thanks to @georgia you can also get it for free, forever, with no DRM

Please consider clicking download on the Amazon page even if you never intend to use the Amazon version, and most of all, i hope you like it.

Climate change is caused by the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The way to combat climate change is simple: stop releasing those gases into the atmosphere. The way to stop releasing those gases into the atmosphere is also simple: stop manufacturing them and digging their precursors out of the ground. Anything that doesn't leave fossil fuels in the ground, destroy greenhouse-causing gases, or stop their manufacturer is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Sometimes I think about joining every Foundation of things I like and just ask:

"Considering what Google is doing to the world, do we want it in our board?"

(Looking hard at you, Rust Foundation.)

(If I recall, that issue was Elefren, the library that I use to retrieve favourites, which is not async yet. One solution would be to write the favourites API directly in the app, with reqwests, for example.)

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Now that I gained a lot more XP in writing async Rust code, I want to rewrite my old toy project to take full advantage of it.

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