Anyway, time to stop lying and saying I'm using Chrome.

There is one weird thing that the sidebar content is not being loaded, but I still have the feeling it is not related to browser capabilities.

Changed my browser user-agent:

Still got "Download Chrome".

Checked headers. They sent a "301" the first time. "301 Moved Permanently" is permanently cached by the browser. No matter if they "fix" the issue in the future, Firefox would forever go to the "unsupported" URL.

Did a "Forget this site". Page loaded.

Guess I will have to explain to frontend designers what "capabilities" are.

@hirnbrot One thing I still have plans to do is to revisit posts after a year. Was I right? Was I wrong? What changed? Did my opinion over the topic changed?

I have the feeling that this gives a good impression (to whoever is reading your blog) that you're actually improving instead of sitting in the same old opinions/vision.

@hirnbrot Addendum: Movie reviews -- or reviews in general -- are nice 'cause as you start breaking the structure of whatever you're reviewing, you can see glaring holes in plot/character development/whatever that you wouldn't see.

Also, who knows, someday you may just start discussing some stuff that you learnt over the years and become a minor success on the internet.

@hirnbrot 1. Github pages is a free option. They have tutorials for creating a whole pipeline that will update the pages once you commit something.

2. Anything is a good start. My very first post was "I comment things. Dragons be here. You've been warned", or something of sorts. You can even do movie reviews, for example.

3. Honestly, if you turn off comments, that will be fine.

At this point, I believe the only way to make me get rid of this would be Google closing down.

I can't read anything with "Google" in it without going backwards and thinking "How will they capture more data with that?"

And I do that even in their freaking languages.

"If god doesn't like the way I live,
Let him tell me, not you."
[As seen on a button]

(I already have a 55 minute one, but I need a shorter version.)

Challenge for this week: Find a way to create a 30 minute presentation to make people hooked on .

I'm trying my best to keep pushing 3 chapters of "Things I Learnt" every day.

Maybe I'll be done in 15 years or something...

@amiloradovsky @Laurelai We _do_ ignore how your code will be used. It's easier this way. It's easier to keep saying "The license says I'm not guilty for anything done with this code" instead of taking time and thinking "This could go wrong" or "this could harm someone else".

@amiloradovsky @Laurelai Well, the argument is a bit flawed. I understand that you can't be blamed for things you don't know, but what about flaws/misfeatures added _knowing_ they were flawed?

Like the Toyota engineers that knew the code was shit but pushed anyway, killing three people? Aren't they morally responsible for that, even if it was higher ups calling it to "deploy"?


(Punch People In the Face For Being Obtuse As A Service)

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