How do you (primarily) type?

Stupid idea to figure out if an article is good or not:

  1. Follow @hn100 ;
  2. Find article that may be interesting;
  3. Post in HackerNews;
  4. Wait if it appears in previous account.

People in the local Django group are making me mad.

I explain stuff. They ignore the explanation, try to jump to some solution and then complain that it didn't work.

What is this? Did the quadratic formula explode?

Reason: Most the things I dealt this morning were not related to our current sprint. So I thought "Hey, better leave this out".

... completely ignoring that this dev journal is for myself...

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Those "15 minutes playing with Axum" are, actually, some tests I'm doing to try to push some Rust into the company.

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15 minutes playing with Axum and although some things seem weird at first (TypedHeaders, for example), I'm really impressed with how easy it is to build something.

Which browser do you use?

#TIL that the #Debian team has put some considerable effort to deploying federated services:

Nice initiative! Especially for the instances of services you don't see quite often around like Matrix, Jitsi, Plume.

Long life the #fediverse!

Friends: how do you keep "organized" re all of your tasks, projects, ideas, etc? Curious about folx' systems.

Curious because, despite iterating on my own system for multiple years, I'm still getting overwhelmed by everything there is to do. ๐Ÿคฏ

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