• you don't have to be good at something, as long as it's fun
  • it's okay to be a beginner
  • there''s always something to learn
  • if you are not enjoying an activity, you can quit. I give you permission!

Apparently, working on Saturday (which was actually ok), and getting desperate about work stuff on Monday made my brain as smart as scrambled eggs.

If you're asking a question, maybe be prepared to accept the answer?

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Video poll:

I have two working states:

"Fucked up" and "Can breath".

@kensanata (I mean, sure, that means a scrollbar in the right side, but at least the space for writing wouldn't be so small...)

Meetup: "The local AWS Meetup is meeting online."

Me: "Well, since we are using AWS more consistently, maybe I should join in."

AWS Meetup: "We are going to use Google Meet."

Me: "Ok, not going to this meeting."

@faho On the other hand, the real value of a blog is putting all the little tidbits you may find helpful in the future (how to enable an external package repository, that cool extension for your editor), while still hidden as "sharing information".

Also, some joke about a pet rock that's actually an "opposition pet" and say "Fuck you", followed by some human name.

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@madskjeldgaard While I still have some stuff on Github, I also keep a copy of everything on my hosting:

Because I don't need the integration/pull requests/wiki/issue tracker/whatever, using cgit is enough for me.

PPS: I just hope that now that people jumped in to see if they could help cleaning the bullshit, they realize the amount of manure I had to deal in the first place.

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