Also, consider that I have three presentations to do next week...

One thing I could do would be using a straightfoward presentation layout, with fancy transitions -- which is quite simple to do with Reveal.

The problem is that I'd have to review all my presentations :(

Got a fancy presentation remote, a Logitech Spotlight and, although I love Logitech stuff, the "next" button on the remote sends a "Left cursor" press instead of a "Spacebar" press, which totally breaks my fancy layouts with Reveal.js.

@musicmatze @juliobiason there's already this crate for line graphs. ironically, uses braille characters for visualization.

Today I felt like I needed to watch "Kitbull" again.

I did.

Aren't Instagram influencers just Ads in human form?

bro you just posted sincerity. you are going to gain meaningful interaction

I really want to punch some Spring devs in the face...

Rethinking "Microservices" as just a combination of "inputs" + "state" + "artifact".

Alright, ActivityPub presentation done.

Tomorrow: Recording myself using it.

Or maybe I'll go and get rid of this chore sooner...

(Family does a "secret santa" and we do our xmas night early, so everyone can spend the real xmas night with their other family. This year early xmas night is this Saturday.)

Not going to buy xmas gifts tonight.

Going home, going to bed early and hope for the best.

And back to upload my purchase of the latest Humble Bundle continue!

And restart seems to have fixed the issue.

Now ask me: How a restart would improve operation?

The answer is simple: I have no idea.

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