Well, I finally cleaned up my "Saved Messages" from Telegram -- where I keep interesting links not coming from the Fediverse.

But I'm too tired to complete the post today. Maybe tomorrow I can complete another "Commented Links" post.

Oh, look! Now that I delivered the API, some tests with expected results suddenly appear, claiming whatever I did is failing!

Weird how they weren't in the request in the first place.

Migrants aren't pushing up your rent, your landlord is.
Immigrants aren't decreasing your wages, your boss is.

And I'm so going to flip if my manager comes talking about how I should "communicate more" when I pointed their onboarding was pretty bad.

'Cause how-to-add-documentation-which-is-a-completely-separate-process is the kind of stuff someone talks on the onboarding.

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Me: "Good, today I can finally end the day without any stressful."

Boss: Where are the docs? I don't see the docs.

Nobody told me how to make the docs or that there was some docs to be generated.

... and there goes my unstressful day.

Why don't C compilers have a versioned -Wall -Werror?

Like... just let me tell you to give me all warnings, and error for all warnings you produced up to e.g. 2020.

Add a new warning in 2021, show it to me but don't error.

Because right now the standard is disincentivized from ever adding warnings because people like compiling with -Werror but don't like when it ends up not compiling with a new warning - see thephd.github.io/your-c-compil

When was the last time you used "Email Image" in your browser's context menu, on purpose?

Commented Links for 2020-08-09

VimConf, Better SQL, Git Branches, Excel Fucking Science, OpenJDK on ARM, Rust CLI Tools, DataFrames in Rust, World Windows.


Maybe I should clean my to-read link list more often...

"I want to show you how awesome this language I like is awesome."

Shows code with absolutely no error capture, even if the function returns an error indicador.


Lots of content ideas for my book this morning, but now they are all gone.

Weekends: When you get out of bed only because your devices are running out of juice.

I just realized what's missing in my library: Star Trek novels.

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