(I've read enough books and maybe it's time to learn a new editor, maybe.)

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... so I opened the same file in and fixed the conflicts.

Suck it, IntelliJ.

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Twice today I saw people asking for IDEs on our Python group and twice I suggested .

It's really weird to not see a bunch of "ZZ" in this area from time to time.

("ZZ" is the shortcut for "save if there was some change and close the buffer" in )

Is there any tiling for that instead of splitting the current view, keeps one window in focus and all other windows as small ones on the side?

(Kinda like Tiler (for ) keeps things on the side till Window 3 in the project GIF: github.com/zhamlin/tiler.vim)

And speaking of , this weekend I want to write a blog post about my experience with Tiler, the split tiling plugin.

Spoilers: It's good. Not awesome, but pretty good.

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